Draper Impact Wrenches

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Draper Impact Wrenches

Draper Tools is a well-known British hand and power tool manufacturer with a history dating back over 90 years. The company was founded in 1919 by Bert Draper, who opened a bicycle repair shop in London. Bert quickly expanded into selling tools for bicycle repair and by the 1930s, the company was manufacturing its own branded tools.

Over the decades, Draper Tools grew to become one of the most recognized tool brands in the UK and Europe. In addition to bicycle tools, Draper began making tools for automotive, engineering, woodworking, and other trades. The company puts a strong emphasis on quality and innovation in tool design.

Today, Draper Tools offers over 10,000 products across its hand tool, power tool, workshop equipment, site equipment, and garden tool ranges. The company operates a major manufacturing facility in Hampshire, England and has additional facilities in China and Europe. Draper sells through retailers and its own e-commerce site to both trade professionals and DIYers.

The Draper brand is known for providing good quality tools at reasonable prices. Draper positions itself as a mid-range brand, below premium professional brands but a step above basic DIY brands. Draper tools are widely used in factories, garages, job sites and households throughout Britain.

Draper's Impact Wrench Range

Draper offers a wide selection of impact wrenches to suit both DIYers and professional mechanics. Their impact wrench range includes models with different power outputs, sizes, battery voltages, and additional features.

Some of Draper's most popular impact wrench models include:

  • The Expert 1300W 230V 1/2" Impact Wrench, which delivers a high torque output for heavy duty applications. This is an AC powered, mains operated model.

  • The 12V Li-ion 3/8" Impact Wrench, a compact and lightweight cordless model powered by a 12V lithium ion battery. It's ideal for automotive and light duty tasks.

  • The 18V Li-ion 1/2" Impact Wrench, a more powerful cordless model than the 12V version, with higher torque output. Runs off an 18V lithium ion battery.

  • The Expert 18V Li-ion Brushless 1/2" Impact Wrench, Draper's top cordless impact wrench, with brushless motor for ultimate power and runtime.

  • The Expert 14.4V 1/2" Impact Wrench, a mid-range cordless model running off a 14.4V NiCD battery.

So whether you need a mains powered wrench for everyday garage use or a compact cordless wrench for mobility, Draper has an impact wrench to suit. Their range covers both DIY and professional use cases.

Key Features of Draper Impact Wrenches

Draper offers a wide range of impact wrenches to suit both DIY and professional users. Key features to consider when choosing a Draper impact wrench include:


Draper impact wrenches range in power from 120ft-lb to 550ft-lb of maximum torque. More power allows you to loosen tighter bolts and nuts. Cordless models max out around 150ft-lb while corded models offer higher torque for heavy duty applications.

Torque Settings

Many Draper impact wrenches have variable torque settings so you can match the power to the job and avoid over-tightening. This prevents damage to nuts, bolts, and workpieces.


Speed determines how quickly you can remove bolts and nuts. Draper wrenches operate between 1000 to 3800 blows per minute. Faster speeds get the job done quicker.


Cordless models range from 2.2lbs to 5.2lbs. Corded are heavier, from 5lbs to 9.2lbs. Consider weight if using the tool for extended periods. Lighter is better for overhead tasks.

Cordless vs Corded

Cordless provides portability but limited run time per charge. Corded offers continuous power but has limited mobility from the cord length. Cordless works well for small tasks while corded suits longer, heavy duty jobs.

With features like adjustable torque, high power, and fast speed, Draper impact wrenches are designed to make short work of stuck bolts and save time on automotive and construction projects.

Draper Impact Wrench Quality

Draper is known for producing high quality and durable power tools that stand the test of time. Their impact wrenches are no exception when it comes to build quality.

Draper uses premium materials and components in their impact wrench manufacturing process. The housings are made from reinforced composites that are designed to withstand job site abuse. Internal components like the motor, hammer mechanism, and gearing are engineered for maximum durability under heavy daily use.

Sealed bearings help reduce friction and allow Draper impact wrenches to run smoothly even in harsh conditions. The anvil is made from hardened steel to prevent wear over time. Overall fit and finish is precise thanks to CNC machining and strict quality control standards.

In terms of durability, Draper impact wrenches are designed to handle years of use without any drop in performance. Many professional mechanics trust them as their go-to tools that can withstand constant daily use without failing. The durability also makes them a good long term investment compared to cheaper alternatives.

With their rugged build quality and proven longevity, Draper impact wrenches represent a high standard for power and reliability. Users can be confident that they are getting professional grade tools built to handle the demands of daily use on the job.

Draper Impact Wrench Prices

Draper offers impact wrenches across a wide range of prices to suit different budgets and needs. Their most affordable models start around £50, while heavy-duty professional models can cost over £200.

The entry-level DIY impact wrenches offer decent power and reliability at a budget price point. These are great for occasional home use or light automotive work. Expect prices between £50-100 for compact 120-150 ft-lb models.

For more demanding automotive and construction tasks, Draper's mid-range impact wrenches deliver increased torque up to 300 ft-lbs for around £120-180. These offer a step up in durability and performance. Popular choices include the 1/2" drive Expert and Technician series.

At the top end, Draper's professional-grade impact wrenches deliver over 500 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque for £200+. The Industrial and Extreme series are designed for heavy daily use in commercial automotive repair, manufacturing, and construction. Advanced features include brushless motors and all-metal casings.

So whether you need an occasional DIY tool or a workhorse for professional use, Draper has reasonably priced impact wrench models to suit. Just determine your power and budget needs. And as a reputable UK brand, you can trust Draper tools to deliver years of reliable service.

Draper Warranty and Support

Draper tools come with a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer service support. All Draper power tools have a standard 2-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. This provides peace of mind that your new Draper impact wrench will be free of issues for at least 2 years.

Draper also has an extensive network of service centers across the UK to handle any warranty claims or repairs efficiently. Simply bring your tool to an authorized service agent and they can assess if it qualifies for free repair or replacement under warranty. Draper aims to have most warranty issues resolved within 2-3 weeks.

The Draper customer service team is also very responsive if you need any help with a warranty claim or have general product questions. They can be reached by phone or email and are known for providing friendly and knowledgeable support. Many customers have praised Draper's customer service for going above and beyond to address any problems.

Overall, the warranty coverage and customer service support provided by Draper give confidence in the quality and reliability of their tools. You can purchase a Draper impact wrench knowing it is backed by a trusted UK brand that stands behind their products.

Draper Impact Wrench Uses

Draper impact wrenches are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of applications. Here are some of the most common uses:


One of the most popular uses for an impact wrench is automotive repair and maintenance. Draper impact wrenches provide the power and torque needed for tasks like loosening lug nuts, removing bolts on brakes and suspension components, and changing tires. Professional mechanics rely on high-quality impact wrenches like Draper models to get the job done quickly.

Construction and Manufacturing

On construction sites and in manufacturing facilities, impact wrenches are indispensable. Tightening and loosening bolts on heavy equipment, assembling structures, and general industrial fastening tasks all require an impact wrench. Draper's heavy-duty impact wrenches are designed to withstand daily use in these demanding environments.

Home Use

While professional-grade Draper impact wrenches are ideal for shops and job sites, Draper also offers more affordable models suitable for home use. Homeowners find impact wrenches helpful for automotive repairs, assembling furniture, installing fixtures, and various DIY projects around the house and garage.

Field Maintenance

Draper's cordless battery-powered impact wrenches are convenient for maintenance tasks in the field. Workers can easily carry a cordless impact wrench to loosen bolts, make adjustments, or swap parts on equipment like generators, pumps, compressors without needing an air hose or power cord.

So whether it's an automotive shop, construction site, factory floor, or DIY project at home, Draper impact wrenches deliver the torque, durability, and performance demanded by professionals and homeowners alike. Draper's versatile impact wrench models can tackle jobs big and small.

Draper Impact Wrench Reviews

Draper impact wrenches consistently receive positive reviews and high ratings from customers. Here's a summary of common feedback:

  • Powerful torque and fast removal of lug nuts - Users mention Draper impact wrenches have plenty of power to get lug nuts off quickly and easily, even those that are rusted or over-torqued. Many mechanics rely on them daily with no issues.

  • Durable and reliable for heavy use - Draper wrenches are built to withstand heavy daily professional use. Customers mention they last for years with no maintenance required. The casing stays intact despite drops.

  • Good value for money - For the level of power and performance, Draper wrenches are very competitively priced. Professional mechanics feel they deliver great bang for your buck.

  • Decent warranty and customer service - Draper offers a standard 1 or 2 year warranty on impact wrenches. Users mention customer service is responsive if you do encounter any issues.

  • Ergonomic grip and reasonable weight - The grip and shape make Draper wrenches easy to handle and manageable in weight, though not the lightest. Suitable for extended daily use.

Overall, reviews indicate Draper delivers professional quality and power at a reasonable price point. Customers consistently mention reliability and durability, even under frequent heavy use. Draper impact wrenches receive high marks across the board.

Comparable Brands

When it comes to impact wrenches, Draper Tools stands out as a top brand for both quality and value. Here's how Draper compares to some other major impact wrench manufacturers:


Makita is known for making professional-grade power tools. Their impact wrenches are powerful, durable and reliable, but also tend to be more expensive than Draper models. Makita wrenches are a good choice for heavy-duty use, but are overkill for most DIYers.


Milwaukee Tools focuses on heavy-duty power tools for professional use. Like Makita, their impact wrenches are high performance but expensive. Milwaukee's brushless motors and lithium-ion batteries do offer advantages, but most homeowners don't need that level of technology.


DeWalt provides a range of quality power tools at moderate prices. Their impact wrenches offer good power and features for the price. However, Draper impact wrenches often match DeWalt's performance at an even better value.


Ryobi targets DIYers and homeowners with their affordable power tools. Their impact wrenches lack the power and durability of professional brands, but offer adequate performance for occasional use at lower prices. Draper impact wrenches surpass Ryobi's quality while remaining budget-friendly.

Overall, Draper impact wrenches provide an ideal balance of professional-grade durability, power and performance at prices affordable for DIYers. Draper wrenches match or exceed the quality of competitors like DeWalt and Ryobi for less cost, while approaching the capabilities of pro brands like Makita and Milwaukee. For most homeowners, Draper impact wrenches give you all the power you need at a price you can afford.


Overall, Draper is a leading manufacturer of high-quality power tools, including impact wrenches. Based in the UK, Draper has over 90 years of experience designing and building durable, reliable tools for professional and DIY use.

Draper's impact wrench range offers excellent power and torque for automotive and industrial applications. Key features include variable speed triggers, robust metal gearboxes and anvil heads, and compact ergonomic designs. While prices are moderate, Draper tools come with an industry-leading 5 year guarantee, demonstrating the brand's confidence in their products.

Reviews consistently praise the performance, reliability and value offered by Draper impact wrenches. With a wide selection of pneumatic, cordless and corded models available, Draper provides versatile, hard-working tools suitable for most bolting applications. Backed by responsive customer service and support, Draper is a trusted brand for any workshop.

Overall, for those seeking powerful, dependable impact wrenches at reasonable prices, with the reassurance of a long warranty, Draper Tools represent an excellent choice. Their proven track record makes them a safe bet for demanding professional use or regular DIY jobs.


What is a Draper impact wrench?

A Draper impact wrench is a power tool that uses a rotating mass to deliver high torque to remove tough bolts and nuts. Draper makes a range of corded and cordless impact wrenches with varying power and features.

What are Draper impact wrenches used for?

Draper impact wrenches are designed for automotive and industrial use to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts quickly. They are ideal for changing tyres, removing lug nuts, working on brakes, and general high-torque applications.

Are Draper impact wrenches any good?

Yes, Draper impact wrenches are known for their high quality and reliability. They are built to professional standards with durable metal gearing and motors. Many mechanics rely on Draper tools for their power and longevity.

What is the best Draper impact wrench to buy?

Some top Draper impact wrenches are the 1/2" 750W corded model, the 18V Li-ion cordless model, and the 1/2" 90ft-lb air impact wrench. Consider power, battery if cordless, and budget to choose the best Draper impact wrench for your needs.

How do you use a Draper impact wrench?

First ensure the impact wrench is set to the forward direction. Place the correct socket on the anvil. Place socket over the bolt/nut and squeeze trigger while holding firmly to allow the impact wrench to work. Release trigger once bolt/nut is loosened or tightened as required.

How do you change sockets on a Draper impact wrench?

There is a detent pin that needs depressing to release the socket. Pull off the old socket and place the new socket directly onto the anvil, ensuring it is fully seated. The detent pin will click up to hold the socket in place during use.

Should I use an impact socket with a Draper impact wrench?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use impact-rated sockets with a Draper impact wrench. Impact sockets are thicker and made of impact-grade chromium alloy for durability under the extreme torque. Regular sockets can shatter under impact wrench force.

How do I maintain my Draper impact wrench?

Keep your Draper impact wrench lubricated and clean by wiping off any dirt, grease or grime after use. Check for wear on the anvil and sockets. Give air impact wrenches a drop of air tool oil before use. Store your impact wrench properly in a clean, dry space.

What safety tips should I follow when using a Draper impact wrench?

Always wear eye protection. Ensure a proper grip and brace yourself as the tool will kickback when starting. Be careful of pinching hazards. Take care around flammable liquids. Unplug corded models before changing sockets. Maintain correct tyre pressure if changing tyres.

Where can I buy Draper impact wrenches and accessories?

You can buy Draper impact wrenches, sockets, extensions, adapters and more from authorised Draper distributors online or from local tool supply stores. Draper products come with a guarantee for additional peace of mind with your purchase.