Teeno Impact Wrenches

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Teeno Impact Wrenches

A TEENO impact wrench is a powerful and versatile tool designed to make fast work of driving and removing bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. Compared to using just hand tools or a regular drill, a TEENO impact wrench provides much higher torque in a compact, easy to handle tool.

Key features and benefits of TEENO impact wrenches include:

  • High torque output to quickly drive in or break loose even very stubborn bolts and nuts. Most models provide over 700 ft-lbs of max torque.

  • Variable speed triggers give you control over the power and speed. Slow speeds prevent damage to delicate materials.

  • Ergonomic and lightweight design reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

  • Durable impact mechanism delivers thousands of blows per minute to break loose fasteners.

  • Forward/reverse switch makes changing directions easy.

  • Optional battery-powered cordless models provide untethered convenience.

With incredible fastening and loosening power in a comfortable and portable package, a TEENO impact wrench is a must-have for automotive repair, manufacturing, construction, and any application requiring efficient removal or installation of all types of fasteners.

Power and Torque

The power of an impact wrench is measured in horsepower or foot-pounds of torque. The higher the horsepower or torque rating, the more force the tool can apply for loosening stubborn bolts and nuts. Most TEENO models range from about 150 to 300 foot-pounds of torque.

Higher torque ratings allow an impact wrench to remove fasteners on larger equipment like trucks, farm machinery, and industrial applications. Lower torque ratings around 150-200 ft-lbs are suitable for general automotive uses.

For occasional small jobs, a lower torque impact wrench will get the work done. But for heavy duty applications, the extra power of a 250+ ft-lb model makes a significant difference in productivity. Powerful TEENO impact wrenches can blast off rusted bolts in seconds that would take minutes with a weaker tool.

The torque rating indicates the maximum force that can be generated, but most tasks require far less torque. A high power tool provides headroom and versatility to tackle a wide range of jobs. Overall, choosing an impact wrench with ample torque capabilities for your needs will improve efficiency and prevent frustrating struggles with stubborn bolts.


Ergonomics are a key consideration for any power tool, but especially for compact impact wrenches designed for prolonged use. The TEENO range focuses heavily on comfort, control, and minimizing user fatigue.

The handles on TEENO wrenches feature textured rubber grips and ergonomic shapes that fit nicely in the hand. This provides a secure grip even when wearing gloves or working with oily fasteners. The grip design helps reduce hand and wrist strain during extended jobs.

These wrenches are very lightweight thanks to composite housings, with the weight centered over the grip for excellent balance. The compact head sizes also prevent them from feeling too front-heavy. This distributes the load evenly and lets the user wield the wrench without tiring.

TEENO impact wrenches excel at providing power without compromising on ergonomics. The tools remain comfortable and easy to handle even during demanding automotive or construction tasks. Their thoughtful designs reduce fatigue so users can work efficiently for longer periods.


Impact wrenches are built to withstand the demands of professional use. Durability starts with the housing materials. Most impact wrenches use a combination of metal alloys and high-impact composite plastics to create a rugged exterior that can handle drops and impacts.

Manufacturers thoroughly test the lifespan and durability of their tools. For example, TEENO may test prototypes in real-world shop environments for months before finalizing a design. They also use accelerated lifecycle testing to simulate years of use in a short period. This ensures that gears, motors, anvils, and other components are engineered to deliver consistent power over the long haul.

By choosing a leading brand like TEENO, you can be confident you're getting an impact wrench made with premium materials, proven components, and rigorous durability testing. This results in a tool that will perform reliably even after years of regular professional use. The investment in a high-quality wrench pays off over time thanks to its longevity.

Accuracy and Control

Precision and control are critical when using an impact wrench. Many automotive and industrial applications require a specific torque setting to avoid over or under tightening bolts and fasteners. Teeno impact wrenches provide excellent accuracy and allow users to dial in a precise torque setting.

The torque settings are adjustable, often in increments of 10 ft-lbs. This allows technicians to customize the torque to the exact specification required for a given application. For example, an automotive wheel lug nut may need to be tightened to 100 ft-lbs. With a Teeno impact wrench, you can set the torque to match that precisely.

In addition to precise torque settings, Teeno impact wrenches deliver consistent power and accuracy. Each time you use the wrench at a certain torque setting, you'll get repeatable results. This accuracy and consistency is critical for automotive repairs, manufacturing, and any application where over or under tightening could lead to product or equipment failure.

Overall, the precision and control of a Teeno impact wrench gives users confidence that bolts and fasteners will be tightened to the proper torque specification needed for the job. This leads to fewer errors, less rework, and better reliability.

Noise Levels

Impact wrenches are notoriously loud power tools, with noise ratings easily exceeding 90 decibels. Prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels can lead to hearing damage, so hearing protection is highly recommended when using these tools.

Many impact wrenches now include noise reduction features to help make them safer to operate. These include:

  • Sound dampening motor housing - The motor is enclosed in a padded housing that absorbs vibration and sound. This can reduce noise by 3-5 decibels.

  • Noise diffusing exhaust - The exhaust air vents are designed to diffuse the sound rather than let it blast straight out. Helps make the tool quieter for the operator.

  • Quiet anvil mechanisms - Anvil and hammer mechanisms are engineered for smooth, quiet operation rather than loud banging. Can knock off a few more decibels.

  • Low noise power settings - Some models have a "quiet mode" low power setting that runs the motor slower and reduces noise. Handy when you don't need full power.

  • Brushless motors - Brushless motors run smoother and generate less mechanical noise. Look for brushless impact wrenches for quieter operation.

While no impact wrench will ever be truly quiet, features like these can help bring the noise down to safer, more comfortable levels around 85-88 decibels. This makes extended use much less fatiguing on the ears. Just remember to wear hearing protection regardless, as even 85 decibels over hours can be damaging.

Cordless vs Corded

Cordless impact wrenches provide greater mobility and convenience, while corded models deliver more consistent power. When choosing between cordless or corded, there are a few key factors to consider:

Battery Options

Cordless impact wrenches run on rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs. Higher voltage batteries (18V or 20V) deliver more torque and longer runtimes between charges. Batteries and chargers are sold separately, so you'll need to factor those costs in. Many brands offer compatible batteries that work across their line of power tools.

Cordless Convenience

The main advantage of cordless is the freedom to work anywhere without dragging a cord. Cordless tools allow access to tight spaces and give you full range of motion. This makes them ideal for automotive repairs and construction jobs where mobility is important. Just be aware that battery life is limited before needing a recharge.

Corded Power

For heavy duty tasks that require maximum sustained torque, corded models are the way to go. Without battery limitations, corded impact wrenches can provide consistent high power as long as you need. The tradeoff is that you'll need to work within reach of a power outlet, dealing with potential cord tangles. Corded wrenches are best for shops or garage use with stationary access to electricity.

So in summary, cordless is great for mobility but has limited runtime, while corded offers unlimited power but less portability. Consider which factors are most important for your usage needs.


TEENO impact wrenches come with a few handy accessories right in the box. Most models include at least one battery and charger so you can start using your new tool immediately. Higher-end TEENO wrenches may come with two or even three batteries for extended runtime before needing to recharge.

The batteries are lithium-ion, which offer long life and hold a charge well even when not in use. Chargers are quick and can often fully recharge a battery in under an hour. Having extras on hand ensures you'll always have charged batteries ready to go.

TEENO wrenches accept a wide variety of attachments and extensions for added versatility. Standard impact sockets come in all popular sizes and are easy to swap on and off the tool. Extensions give you the reach to access hard-to-reach fasteners, while universal joints allow accessing at odd angles. Specialty sockets are available for hex, Torx, E-Torx, and other fastener types.

Overall, TEENO wrenches have excellent accessory options. With the included battery and charger, plus available sockets, extensions, and adapters, these tools provide extreme flexibility right out of the box. Having the right accessories on hand makes any job quicker and easier.


Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your impact wrench operates efficiently and has a long working life. Here are some tips:

Cleaning and Lubrication

  • Wipe down the housing and cord regularly with a clean cloth to remove dirt, grease, and debris which can build up over time.

  • Use compressed air to blow out any dust from the motor and vents. This is especially important if using the tool in dirty environments.

  • Apply a small amount of light oil to the anvil shaft every so often to prevent rust and keep it operating smoothly. Avoid over-oiling.

  • Check that the air inlet is clear of obstructions. Blockages can prevent proper air flow to efficiently cool the motor.

Brushless Motors

  • Impact wrenches with brushless motors require less maintenance than brushed motors. The brushless design eliminates the brushes which wear down over time.

  • Brushless motors are sealed and contain no moving parts that produce friction. This improves durability and reduces the need for servicing.

  • However, brushless tools still require the basic maintenance of cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating components. Proper care will ensure long-lasting performance.


TEENO impact wrenches vary in price based on the model and intended use. Home DIY models start around £50 and go up to around £150. These are suitable for basic automotive and home repair tasks.

Professional models designed for heavy daily use start around £200 and go up to over £500. These have higher torque ratings and more durable components to handle extended use. Some key factors that affect the pricing are:

  • Power - Higher torque models cost more. Light duty may be ~150 ft-lb while heavy duty can be over 1000 ft-lb.

  • Drive size - 3/8" drive is the least expensive while 1/2" and 3/4" drives cost more.

  • Cordless vs Corded - Cordless costs more due to the included battery and charger.

  • Brand name - Premium brands like TEENO carry a price premium over lesser known brands.

For most homeowners, a mid-range model in the £100-150 range offers the best value. This gives enough power for automotive repairs and home projects without paying for pro-level features that won't be fully utilized. Professionals may want to invest in a high end TEENO for maximum durability. But for most occasional tasks, a decent DIY model provides good bang for your buck.


What are TEENO impact wrenches?

TEENO impact wrenches are high-powered electric or pneumatic tools designed to deliver high torque output for tasks like loosening tight bolts and nuts. They use compressed air or an electric motor to generate rapid rotational impacts that can loosen even very stubborn fasteners.

What makes TEENO impact wrenches different from other brands?

TEENO impact wrenches stand out for their rugged durability, high torque ratings, and additional features not always found on competitors' models. TEENO uses premium materials and components to ensure their wrenches can withstand heavy professional use while delivering exceptional power in a compact package.

What are the main uses for a TEENO impact wrench?

The high torque output of a TEENO impact wrench makes it ideal for automotive repair jobs where you need to remove bolts on tyres, brakes, suspension components, and other parts. They're also commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance. Anywhere high tightening or loosening torque is needed.

What torque settings are available on TEENO impact wrenches?

TEENO offers impact wrenches with max torque ratings ranging from 150 ft-lbs to an industry-leading 600 ft-lbs. This wide torque range allows you to select the perfect TEENO wrench for your specific bolting needs. Higher torque models can handle even the toughest jobs.

Do I need an air compressor to use a TEENO impact wrench?

TEENO makes both pneumatic impact wrenches that require an air compressor and cordless electric impact wrenches. The pneumatic models offer the highest torque output but require a compressor. The cordless models provide excellent torque without the air hose but need charging.

What safety tips should I follow when using a TEENO impact wrench?

Always wear eye protection as debris can fly when breaking loose fasteners. Make sure you have solid footing and grip when using the wrench to counteract the high torque. Check sockets for wear and make sure you have the right size and impact rating. Use an extension if you need extra reach.

How can I extend the life of my TEENO impact wrench?

Follow the maintenance tips in the user manual like regularly oiling the hammer mechanism. Check and replace the brushes if needed. Only use impact rated sockets to avoid damage. Don't overload the tool by using excessive force. Store your TEENO wrench properly when not in use.

Can I get replacement parts for my TEENO impact wrench?

Yes, TEENO has a wide range of replacement parts available so you can get your impact wrench repaired and working like new again. Common parts like brushes, hammer mechanisms, anvils, and more can be ordered. TEENO also provides schematics and diagrams to aid repair.

What is the warranty period for TEENO impact wrenches?

TEENO offers a competitive 1-year limited warranty on their impact wrench range. This covers defects in materials and workmanship. Just contact TEENO customer service if you experience any issues with your wrench during that coverage period.

Does TEENO make impact wrench accessories?

Yes, TEENO offers a line of accessories to further enhance your impact wrench experience. This includes additional batteries, chargers, sockets sets, extensions, universal joints, and more. Check out the accessories section on the TEENO website.