Durofix Impact Wrenches

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Durofix Impact Wrenches

Durofix is a leading manufacturer of high-quality power tools, specializing in impact wrenches. Founded in the UK in 1965, Durofix has over 50 years of experience designing and building robust, reliable tools for professional use.

Impact wrenches, also known as impact guns or air wrenches, are power tools that deliver high torque output in short bursts to efficiently loosen or tighten fasteners like lug nuts or bolts. The compressed air or electric motor in an impact wrench rotates a mass to store kinetic energy, then releases that energy suddenly to create torque.

Durofix offers both cordless and air impact wrenches to suit different needs. Their cordless impact wrench line includes 12V to 18V models with lithium-ion batteries, providing portability and freedom from air hoses. For heavy-duty tasks, Durofix's air impact wrenches range from compact 1/2" drive models to 1" drive beasts that can generate over 1,000 ft-lbs of torque. All Durofix impact wrenches are engineered for durability, power and control across automotive, industrial, and construction applications.

Durofix Impact Wrench Features

Durofix impact wrenches are designed with professional use in mind, featuring robust construction and powerful motors to make short work of stubborn bolts. Here are some of the key features of Durofix impact wrenches:

  • High torque motors - Durofix uses high quality motors that deliver extremely high torque output, usually over 700 ft-lbs for their cordless models and over 1200 ft-lbs for air models. This allows you to loosen even rusted or over-tightened bolts with ease.

  • Durable housing materials - The housing is made from reinforced composite polymers that are lightweight yet highly durable, able to withstand drops and impacts during professional use. The grip is ergonomically designed and covered in rubber for comfort.

  • Vibration control - To reduce hand-arm vibration, Durofix impact wrenches utilize patented multi-stage vibration dampening systems. This makes extended use much easier by reducing strain.

  • Variable speed triggers - Precision control is enabled by the variable speed triggers, allowing you to start off slow and increase speed as needed for each application. Soft start helps prevent thread damage.

  • Forward/reverse control - Quickly switch directions with the forward/reverse control to both tighten and loosen bolts. The electric brake stops the hammer instantly when changing direction.

  • Sockets/attachments - Durofix impact wrenches use industry standard anvil sizes and accept a wide range of socket sizes. Friction rings help retain sockets during heavy use.

  • Cordless battery packs - The Li-ion battery packs for cordless models feature advanced electronics to maximize runtime. Batteries charge quickly and tool life is optimized to endure repeated charging cycles.

Durofix Cordless Impact Wrenches

Durofix offers a range of powerful cordless impact wrenches perfect for automotive and industrial use. Their cordless tools allow for mobility and convenience without sacrificing torque and runtime.

Battery Power

Durofix cordless impact wrenches utilize lithium-ion battery packs ranging from 12V to 20V. Higher voltage batteries deliver more torque and longer runtime between charges. Their flagship 20V MAX line provides extreme power comparable to pneumatic tools.

Charge Time

Most Durofix batteries fully charge in about an hour when using the included rapid chargers. Batteries can also be charged overnight for less strain. Higher capacity batteries naturally require longer charge times.


With Durofix's efficient brushless motors, users can expect up to 2 hours of continuous runtime on a single charge depending on the tool and workload. Runtime is reduced under heavy fastening loads or in colder weather. Larger battery packs provide extended runtime.

Weight and Size

Durofix cordless impact wrenches range from 2-5 lbs in weight. Their compact and ergonomic designs allow for easy handling and access in tight spaces. The tools are designed to minimize user fatigue during prolonged use.

Popular Cordless Models

Some of Durofix's most popular cordless impact wrench models include:

  • DCF820B - 20V MAX 3/8" compact impact wrench

  • DCF883M2 - 20V MAX 1/2" mid-torque impact wrench

  • DCF899HB - 20V MAX High Torque brushless wrench

  • DCF012 - 12V 3/8" stubby impact wrench

  • DCF009 - 12V 1/4" micro impact wrench

The Durofix cordless impact wrench line provides the perfect blend of portability and power for automotive service, industrial manufacturing, construction, and other applications.

Durofix Air Impact Wrenches

Durofix is well known for their range of pneumatic impact wrenches powered by compressed air. These air tools provide the high torque output and reliability needed for automotive and industrial applications.

Unlike battery-powered cordless models, Durofix air impact wrenches require an external compressed air source to operate. Most operate at 90 PSI with an air consumption between 4-9 CFM depending on the model. This allows mechanics to take advantage of shop air compressor systems when working in a garage or shop environment.

Durofix air impact wrenches use standard air hoses and connectors, making them compatible with most air supply setups. The hoses thread directly into the tool itself or use a quick-connect coupler for faster changes. Air hoses should be kept clean, kink-free and in good condition.

These pneumatic impact wrenches are known for being loud tools, producing noise levels around 85-95 decibels during operation. Hearing protection is highly recommended to protect mechanics' hearing with ongoing use. The noise comes from the rushing air and hammering action under load.

Popular Durofix air impact models include the 1/2" DWA681 that delivers up to 600 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque, and the 3/4" DWA682 for up to 1,100 ft-lbs of max torque. The DWA680 is a lighter 1/2" wrench well-suited for automotive use. All provide the trademark Durofix power and durability.

Durofix Impact Wrench Performance

Durofix impact wrenches are designed to deliver exceptional performance for automotive uses. They provide ample power and speed to make quick work of removing lug nuts and other bolts on cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

The high torque output of Durofix wrenches allows them to generate tremendous bolt removal force. Even stubborn, rusted bolts are no match for a Durofix impact gun. Most models provide at least 150 ft-lbs of maximum torque, while the heavy duty wrenches can produce over 1000 ft-lbs of nut busting torque.

In addition to brute strength, Durofix impact wrenches also offer great control and precision when needed. The variable speed triggers allow you to start off slow and then increase speed once the bolt starts moving. This prevents over-tightening or thread damage. The wrenches also have precise torque settings so you can dial in just the right amount of torque for a particular application.

Reliability and durability are hallmarks of Durofix power tools. The wrenches utilize heavy duty impact mechanisms and rugged housings that can withstand years of shop use. Many professional mechanics trust Durofix wrenches to hold up to daily use and abuse on the job. The internal components are engineered for long service life as well.

With the right blend of power, precision, durability, and performance, Durofix impact wrenches are great investments for automotive professionals or DIYers. Their capabilities make short work of some of the toughest bolts on any vehicle.

Durofix Impact Wrench Use Cases

Durofix impact wrenches are designed for a wide variety of applications and industries. Here are some of the most common use cases:


Durofix impact wrenches are extremely popular in automotive repair shops and garages. Mechanics use them for tasks like changing tires, removing bolts on brakes, replacing exhaust components, and any other job that requires high torque. The cordless models allow mechanics to access tight spaces without dealing with a pneumatic hose.


Construction crews and demolition teams rely on Durofix impact wrenches for driving lag bolts into wood, removing old nails and screws, dismantling structures, and tightening/loosening large bolts. The high torque and durability make them ideal for heavy-duty building tasks.


Assembly line workers, plant maintenance crews, and machinists frequently use Durofix impact wrenches for production tasks. Quickly driving screws to assemble products, changing out worn machine parts, and maintaining equipment are common manufacturing uses.

DIY Projects

Even homeowners and DIYers find uses for Durofix impact wrenches. Changing tires, working on the suspension, replacing deck boards, assembling furniture, and various home renovation/repair jobs all benefit from an impact wrench. The cordless models allow mobility without air hoses.

Durofix Impact Wrench Maintenance

Proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your Durofix impact wrench and extending its lifespan. Here are some tips:


  • Check and fill the lubricant reservoir regularly. Durofix recommends using high-quality pneumatic tool oil.

  • Oil the hammer mechanism and anvil daily to prevent seizing.

  • For cordless models, lubricate the battery connection points to prevent corrosion.


  • Blow out dust and debris regularly with compressed air. Pay special attention to the air vents.

  • Wipe down the housing and anvil with a clean cloth. Remove any built-up grease, dirt or grime.

  • Avoid using solvents or abrasives as these can damage the finish and internal components.


  • Store indoors in a clean, dry space when not in use. Avoid exposing to moisture or extreme temperatures.

  • If storing for extended periods, add a few drops of lubricant to the hammer mechanism.

  • For cordless models, remove the battery and store it separately from the tool.

Following basic maintenance guidelines from Durofix will keep your impact wrench running smoothly for years to come. Proper cleaning, lubrication and storage habits can significantly extend the life of this hardworking addition to your toolkit.

Durofix Impact Wrench Accessories

Durofix impact wrenches are compatible with a range of accessories to enhance their functionality and make jobs easier. Some key accessories to consider:


Durofix offers impact-rated sockets in both metric and imperial sizes to suit your needs. These heavy-duty sockets are made from chrome vanadium steel and designed to withstand high torque. Sockets come in standard 6-point or 12-point configurations.


Extensions help you reach fasteners in confined areas. Durofix provides extensions in varying lengths from 2" to 10". They are made from rugged steel and feature a detent pin to hold sockets securely. Flexible extensions are also available when you need to turn a corner.

Universal Joints

Also known as U-joints, these allow you to drive sockets at an offset angle. Durofix U-joints have a low profile design to give you more clearance in tight spots. They come in standard 3/8" and 1/2" drive sizes.

Protective Cases

To keep your impact wrench and accessories organized, Durofix offers sturdy blow-molded cases. These cases have customizable foam inserts so you can custom fit them to your tools. Larger roller cabinets are also available to store your entire toolkit securely.

With the right accessories, Durofix impact wrenches can handle almost any fastening task. Be sure to choose impact-rated accessories designed to withstand high torque outputs. Investing in quality accessories will give you years of reliable service.

Durofix Impact Wrench Pricing

Durofix impact wrenches are known for providing excellent value for money. Here's an overview of typical pricing:

Cordless Models

Cordless Durofix impact wrenches range from around £80 for a basic 12V model up to £300 for a high-torque 18V brushless motor model. The 12V models are suitable for basic tasks while 18V models offer more power for heavy duty use.

Factors affecting the price include motor power, battery voltage, brushless vs brushed motor, and any additional features like LED lights. As a rough guide:

  • Basic 12V models: £80-120

  • Mid-range 18V: £120-180

  • High torque 18V brushless: £200-300

So you can find a Durofix cordless impact wrench suitable for most budgets. Paying more gets you more power and features.

Air Models

Air-powered Durofix impact wrenches range from £100 up to around £250. The main factors affecting air impact wrench pricing are:

  • Power - higher torque models cost more. Light duty around 150 ft-lbs are approx £100-150. Heavy duty 600+ ft-lbs models cost £200-250.

  • Size - Large body wrenches for heavy duty use cost more than compact models.

  • Features - Models with adjustment controls, soft grip, etc may cost slightly more.

Air Durofix wrenches provide excellent power for the price. Expect to pay £150-200 for a model suitable for most automotive uses. The most heavy duty 600+ ft-lb models cost around £250.

So Durofix provides competitively priced impact wrenches to suit all budgets. Focus on the power output, features and quality rather than just the lowest price.


Durofix impact wrenches are a great choice for automotive, construction, and industrial applications. They offer powerful torque in compact and ergonomic designs. Key benefits of Durofix impact wrenches include:

  • Reliable power - Durofix motors deliver consistent torque for the toughest fastening tasks. The wrenches withstand high workload demands.

  • Durability - Durofix uses high-quality components that hold up to years of use. The housing protects the motor and hammer mechanism.

  • Cordless convenience - Battery-powered Durofix models allow complete mobility and access in tight spaces, with no air hose drag. Batteries deliver extended runtime.

  • Control - Variable speed triggers give users precision control over the torque output. reaction bars absorb high torque to protect users.

  • Affordability - While delivering pro-grade power, Durofix impact wrenches are competitively priced. They offer great value for money.

For automotive use, compact cordless wrenches like the Durofix 18V are ideal. In heavy equipment maintenance, the Durofix 1/2" air impact packs a punch. Construction crews will appreciate the power and runtime of 20V cordless models like the Durofix Max.

Durofix wrenches are available at leading tool retailers or direct from the Durofix website. Investing in a Durofix provides reliability, durability and productivity for years to come.


What are Durofix impact wrenches?

Durofix impact wrenches are powerful cordless tools that use rotating impacts to deliver high levels of torque. They allow users to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts quickly and efficiently. Durofix makes a range of high-quality impact wrenches suitable for automotive, construction and industrial applications.

What can you use a Durofix impact wrench for?

Durofix impact wrenches are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of applications. Their high torque makes them ideal for tasks like changing tyres, removing bolts, assembling furniture and loosening rusted fasteners. They are commonly used by mechanics, construction workers, tradesmen and DIYers.

What are the benefits of using a Durofix impact wrench?

Key benefits include speed and power - their torque can loosen even very stubborn bolts. They save time and effort compared to using just hand tools. Cordless Durofix wrenches offer portability and are convenient for working in different locations. They also tend to be more compact than air impact wrenches.

How do you use a Durofix impact wrench?

First ensure the socket is securely attached. Position the tool on the bolt/nut you want to loosen or tighten. Pull the trigger to start the rotating hammer impacts. The impacts provide torque to loosen or tighten as required. Use steadily without excessive force. Release the trigger once done.

What safety tips should you follow when using a Durofix impact wrench?

- Wear gloves and eye protection - Check the battery is charged - Ensure correct socket size is fitted - Brace yourself properly and have a firm grip - Be aware of kickback from the torque - Take breaks to avoid strain from prolonged vibration

What battery voltages do Durofix impact wrenches use?

Durofix offers impact wrenches in several voltages including 12V, 18V and 20V MAX. Higher voltages deliver more power but lower voltages offer longer run times. Cordless tools allow for portability without trailing air hoses or cables.

How long will a Durofix impact wrench battery last per charge?

Runtime varies by model but generally a fully charged battery will provide 30-60 minutes of use per charge. Factors like voltage, tool load and battery capacity affect runtime. Larger batteries provide longer runtimes.

What chargers are compatible with Durofix impact wrenches?

Durofix impact wrenches are designed to work with Durofix lithium-ion batteries and chargers. Chargers vary by voltage - check your wrench's voltage to ensure you use the matching charger. Fast chargers fully charge a battery in 30-60 mins.

Does Durofix provide a warranty on its impact wrenches?

Yes, Durofix provides a limited warranty on impact wrenches covering defects in materials/workmanship. Warranty periods vary by model but are commonly 1-3 years. The warranty is limited to repair/replacement and does not cover damage from misuse/accidents.

Where can you buy Durofix impact wrenches and accessories?

Durofix tools and accessories are stocked by many retailers online and in-store. You can check Durofix's website for local distributors. Many automotive parts stores also stock Durofix impact wrenches. You can also purchase direct from the Durofix website.