Full Review ⭐ Durofix RI12184-4PG G12: Brushless Stubby 1/2" Impact Wrench Kit | with 1 x 4.0Ah...


Full Review ⭐ Durofix RI12184-4PG G12: Brushless Stubby 1/2" Impact Wrench Kit | with 1 x 4.0Ah 12V (10.8v) G12 Lithium-Ion Battery, 1 x 2.0Ah 12V (10.8v) G12 Li-ion Battery, Charger and Canvas Bag

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Price: £254.39
Brand: Durofix
Pattern: ‎Tool and Batteries
Special Features: ‎Brushless Motor, Lightweight, Compact
Torque: ‎338 Newton Meters
Amperage: 4 Amps
Maximum Rotational Speed: 2800 RPM
Manufacturer: ‎Durofix
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion

Review and analysis

An impact wrench is an essential power tool for automotive mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. It provides incredible torque for loosening stubborn lug nuts and bolts quickly and easily. Durofix is a relatively new player in the power tool market but has quickly gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and affordable tools.

The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 is one of their latest impact wrench models. It's a 12V cordless brushless impact wrench that promises pro-grade performance in a compact and lightweight body. As a brushless motor tool, it offers increased runtime, durability, and power.

Durofix seems to have designed this stubby impact wrench as a versatile option suitable for most bolting applications. With the included accessories and batteries, it aims to provide an all-in-one kit ready for garage use. Let's take a closer look at the features and performance of the Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 to see if it delivers on its promises.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG is a compact and powerful 12V impact wrench. Some key specifications include:

  • Power: Brushless motor provides 120 ft-lbs of max torque and 1100 rpm no load speed
  • Torque: Up to 3000 impacts per minute for efficient fastening
  • Speed: 3 speed settings allow choosing power or speed for each application
  • Weight: A lightweight 2.2 lbs for reduced fatigue during prolonged use
  • Battery: Comes with 1 x 4.0Ah and 1 x 2.0Ah 12V G12 lithium-ion batteries for extended runtime
  • Charger: Rapid charger fully charges the 2.0Ah battery in 30 mins and 4.0Ah in 60 mins

The brushless motor and lithium-ion battery pack provide this impact wrench with impressive power while maintaining a compact and lightweight body. The variable speed settings and electric braking allow for precision control. For even more power in a similar compact size, consider the Durofix RI12184-4T G12 Brushless Stubby 1/2" Impact Wrench. This model is compatible with any G12 12V lithium-ion battery from Durofix's G12 Pro Series range. With 135 ft-lbs of max torque, it provides an extra 15 ft-lbs over the 4PG while maintaining the same stubby size. The 4T runs on Durofix's high performance brushless motor for extended runtime. Since it doesn't include batteries or a charger, you can purchase just the bare tool and use it with your existing Durofix G12 batteries.

For contractors and DIYers looking for serious power in a compact size, the Durofix RI12184-4T G12 is a top choice. It combines the versatility of the Durofix 12V platform with the latest in brushless motor technology. The stubby design gives you great access in tight spaces while putting out an impressive 135 ft-lbs of max torque. This gives you the power to drive large fasteners and break loose rusted bolts with ease.

Weighing only 2.2 lbs, this impact wrench is designed to minimize fatigue during all day use. The rubber overmold grip keeps it secure and comfortable in your hand. There are 3 speed/torque settings so you can tailor the power to the job. Variable speed control gives you precision when needed. The built-in LED light illuminates your work area.

Since the 4T runs off Durofix's 12V G12 batteries, it gives you the advantage of a lightweight and compact 12V tool with performance nearing that of 18V models. This impact wrench is a great addition for any contractor using the Durofix 12V platform. It takes your system to the next level. And it provides an efficient fastening solution for projects around the house.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench stands out for its compact and ergonomic design. Despite its small size, it packs a powerful punch.

The tool measures only 5.5 inches long, allowing it to fit into tight spaces that a full-sized impact wrench cannot. Its stubby design gives you more leverage and control when working in confined areas. The compact head makes it easy to maneuver the tool into hard-to-reach spaces.

Weighing only 2.2 pounds, this little impact wrench is extremely lightweight. You'll barely feel any strain on your hands and arms even after extended use. The rubber overmold grip enhances comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

The housing is made of a durable composite material that can withstand job site abuse. All the internal components are metal for strength and longevity. It feels solid and sturdy in your hands.

Overall, the stubby design, lightweight body, and rubberized grip create an impact wrench that is comfortable to handle and easy to control. The small size lets you drive fasteners in tight quarters where a standard impact wrench won't fit.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench delivers impressive performance for a compact 12V tool. It's equipped with a powerful brushless motor that provides 210 ft-lbs of maximum torque and 0-2600 RPM variable speed. The brushless design makes it more efficient, delivering longer runtimes on a single charge compared to brushed motors.

Despite its small size, this stubby impact wrench packs a serious punch. It has plenty of fastening torque to loosen and drive large lag bolts, wheel lug nuts, and other demanding applications. The variable speed trigger gives you precise control over the power delivery. It starts off slower for more delicate tasks, then ramps up speed as you squeeze the trigger farther.

The compact head design allows the impact wrench to fit into tight spaces that larger 18V and 20V tools can't access. This makes it great for automotive repairs and construction jobs where you need to drive or remove hardware in confined areas. The short length also reduces fatigue since your arm doesn't need to extend as far.

Overall, the Durofix G12 stubby impact delivers power similar to larger cordless tools but in a much smaller, nimbler package. It's ideal for professionals and DIYers who need serious torque in tight spaces.

Battery Life

The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench comes with two lithium-ion battery packs - a 4.0Ah and a 2.0Ah. This gives you flexibility for longer or shorter runtimes.

The larger 4.0Ah battery provides exceptional runtime. On a single charge, you can expect to get up to 260 bolts driven per charge. That's enough power to complete most automotive or construction jobs without needing to stop to recharge. The rapid charger replenishes the 4.0Ah battery in around 60 minutes.

When you need a more compact and lightweight setup, the 2.0Ah battery pack is a great option. It provides up to 130 bolts driven per charge. Recharging takes around 30 minutes with the rapid charger. This makes it easy to top up the charge between tasks.

Both battery packs feature a fuel gauge that shows the remaining charge level. This helps avoid unexpectedly running out of juice mid-job. The batteries are also compatible with other Durofix 12V max tools, making them versatile for projects that require both drilling/driving and impact wrench capabilities.

Overall, the battery options provide a great balance of extended runtime and convenient recharging. Whether you opt for the long-lasting 4.0Ah or nimble 2.0Ah, you can tackle projects with confidence.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench kit comes with several handy accessories.


It includes two lithium-ion battery packs - a 4.0Ah 12V battery and a 2.0Ah 12V battery. Having two battery packs allows you to keep working without delays. When one battery runs low, you can simply swap in the fresh one. The larger 4.0Ah battery provides extended runtime for bigger jobs. While the compact 2.0Ah battery is great for lighter tasks. Both batteries use the 12V G12 system, providing sufficient power for the brushless motor.


To keep the batteries juiced up, Durofix includes a compatible G12 smart charger in the kit. It can charge one or both batteries at the same time. The charger shuts off automatically when the batteries are fully charged, preventing overcharging. It's a simple plug-in charger, so you don't have to take the battery packs off the tool to charge them.

Carrying Case

The kit also contains a heavy-duty canvas carrying bag. The bag has a padded handle and shoulder strap for easy transport. There are dedicated pockets and slots to hold the tool, batteries, and charger neatly in place. This makes it convenient to transport everything to and from the job site. The case provides protection for the impact wrench kit during storage and transportation.

Ease of Use

The Durofix RI12184-4PG impact wrench is designed to be very user-friendly. The controls are intuitive and easy to operate even for first-time users.

The forward/reverse selector switch makes it simple to change directions. Just flip the switch to change from tightening to loosening bolts. The variable speed trigger gives you precise control over RPMs. Squeeze lightly for slower speeds or all the way for maximum torque. This allows you to match the power to the task.

Changing bits is also a breeze thanks to the quick release chuck. Just pull back the collar and insert the new bit. Release and it locks into place securely.

Despite the compact size, the brushless motor provides plenty of power while keeping vibration to a minimum. This allows you to use the wrench comfortably without a lot of hand fatigue. The stubby head can fit into tight spaces that a full size impact may not reach.

Weighing only 2.2 lbs, the RI12184-4PG is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The soft grip handle enhances comfort and control during extended use. For convenience, an integrated LED light illuminates your work area.

Overall, the Durofix impact wrench is designed for maximum ease of use even for DIYers. The intuitive controls, quick bit changes, low vibration, and lightweight design make this tool a pleasure to operate.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench operates at a sound level of 85 dBa under load, which is slightly quieter than comparable brushed motor impact wrenches but on par with other brushless models. Its brushless motor design helps reduce noise and vibration versus standard brushed motors.

When running no-load, the tool has a sound rating of only 80 dBa. This is quiet for an impact wrench, allowing extended use without hearing protection in some cases. However, hearing protection is still recommended for prolonged use under load, when the tool operates at its peak 85 dBa rating. This is a common sound level for 1/2" drive impact wrenches.

Overall, the Durofix G12 ranks among the quieter impact wrenches in its class. While not the absolute quietest, it offers a noticeable noise reduction over cheaper brushed motor models. The lower noise makes the tool better suited for automotive and home garage use where sound levels are a concern.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench has several notable pros worth mentioning:

Compact Size

One of the standout features of this impact wrench is its compact and lightweight size. Weighing only 1.4kg, it's one of the smallest and lightest 12V impact wrenches on the market. The stubby design allows you to fit it into tight spaces that a regular impact wrench wouldn't be able to reach. This makes it ideal for automotive work where you often need to get into cramped engine bays. The small size doesn't compromise on power either.

Good Power

Despite its small stature, the Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 delivers impressive torque power. It provides 300Nm of maximum torque, which is enough for most automotive repair and maintenance tasks. The brushless motor provides strong fastening and loosening capability without overheating. You'll have all the power needed for lug nuts, brake caliper bolts, suspension components, and more.

Battery Life

With the included 2Ah and 4Ah batteries, you get excellent runtime before needing to recharge. The 4Ah battery in particular can deliver up to 265 bolts per charge. The batteries use G12 lithium-ion technology for long battery life and steady power delivery. Having two battery packs allows you to always have one charging while the other is in use. This improves workflow and minimizes downtime.


The Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 impact wrench has a few drawbacks to consider:

Price - This tool has a higher price point compared to some other 12V impact wrenches on the market. The kit with two batteries and a charger retails for around £150, which may be more than some buyers want to spend. The bare tool alone costs over £100. So while the Durofix offers good power and performance, it comes at a premium price.

Lack of Torque Control - There is no variable speed trigger or torque control settings on this impact wrench. It operates at essentially one speed and power level. This makes precision work a bit challenging, as you can't easily dial back the torque when needed. Some users may prefer an impact with more control.

Availability - Durofix power tools are not as widely available as brands like DeWalt or Milwaukee. So sourcing this specific model may require shopping online versus picking it up at a local hardware store. Limited local availability could be an inconvenience for some buyers.

More Information

Features of Durofix RI12184-4PG G12 Brushless Stubby 1/2" Impact Wrench Kit | with 1 x 4.0Ah 12V (10.8v) G12 Lithium-Ion Battery, 1 x 2.0Ah 12V (10.8v) G12 Li-ion Battery, Charger and Canvas Bag
Pattern‎Tool and Batteries
Special Features‎Brushless Motor, Lightweight, Compact
Torque‎338 Newton Meters
Amperage4 Amps
Maximum Rotational Speed2800 RPM
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion

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