Seesii Impact Wrenches

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Seesii Impact Wrenches

Seesii is a leading manufacturer of power tools known for their high-performance impact wrenches. Founded in 2005, the company has quickly grown to become a trusted brand amongst professional tradespeople and DIYers.

Seesii offers a range of corded and cordless impact wrench models to suit both heavy duty workshop use and mobile applications. Their impact wrenches deliver exceptional power, speed, and control thanks to innovative motor and gearbox designs.

Key features found across the Seesii impact wrench range include variable speed triggers, robust metal housings, and precision torque control. This enables users to efficiently drive and remove even the most stubborn bolts and fasteners. Seesii's Quick Release detent pin system also allows for quick and easy socket changes.

Whether you need to blast away rusted bolts or finesse sensitive automotive fasteners, Seesii has an impact wrench to get the job done efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about the power, performance and capabilities of Seesii's industry-leading impact wrench models.

Seesii Impact Wrench Motor Power and Speed

Seesii impact wrenches are known for their powerful motors that deliver high torque for driving and removing the most stubborn fasteners. The motor output varies across models to suit different needs.

The flagship 1/2-inch drive models like the SP-9880 have a brushed motor that generates a massive 550 ft-lbs of maximum torque and 1800 RPM no-load speed. This makes quick work of lug nuts and other heavy-duty bolting applications.

For more control in tight spaces, the 3/8-inch drive SP-6850 model has a 350 ft-lb torque motor with 2200 RPM no-load speed. The higher RPM allows faster bolt running with less reactionary torque.

Lighter-duty 1/4-inch models like the SP-1850 are designed for automotive use with a 170 ft-lb torque motor and 2500 RPM no-load speed. The high speed is ideal for swift removal and driving of small bolts and nuts.

No matter the specific Seesii model, the motors deliver an abundance of power while staying cool under heavy use thanks to effective heat dissipation. This reliability ensures you can power through projects without the frustration of an overheating tool.

Ergonomic Design and Controls

Seesii impact wrenches are designed for comfort and control during extended use. The rubberized grip helps reduce hand fatigue by providing a soft, non-slip surface to hold onto. This is important when using an impact wrench for long periods of time on projects like automotive repair or construction.

The variable speed trigger gives users precise control over the torque output. Squeezing lightly provides lower speeds and torque for delicate tasks, while fully pressing the trigger delivers maximum power. This level of control allows users to match the torque precisely to the job. The trigger also enables starting slowly to avoid over-tightening and stripping threads.

Overall, the ergonomic shape, rubber grip, and variable speed trigger make Seesii impact wrenches comfortable to hold and easy to operate for extended periods. This can help reduce hand strain and fatigue, while providing the control needed to use the right amount of torque for each application.

Seesii Anvil and Socket Compatibility

Seesii impact wrenches are designed for use with standard impact-rated sockets. They feature a durable square drive anvil that securely grips sockets without slipping.

The anvil comes in common sizes like 1/2" or 3/4" to match most socket sets. Having the right anvil size allows you to connect sockets without needing adapters. Seesii's anvils are made from hardened steel for longevity when subjected to high torque.

For proper functioning, always use good quality 6 or 12-point sockets rated for impact use. Regular chrome sockets can shatter under the force of an impact wrench. Quality impact sockets are typically black oxide or chrome vanadium. They have thicker walls and impact absorption design.

Seesii impact wrenches deliver tremendous torque, so make sure your sockets are up for the job. Match the right socket size to the bolt or nut you're working on. Using properly sized impact sockets allows you to get the most out of your Seesii wrench and prevents socket damage.

Noise Reduction Technology

Impact wrenches are notoriously loud power tools, often producing noise levels over 90 decibels during operation. This level of noise exposure over time can lead to hearing damage.

Seesii has implemented innovative noise reduction technologies to make their impact wrenches quieter and safer to operate.

Many Seesii models feature sound-dampening covers and insulation around the motor and impact mechanism. This reduces the tool's noise output by containing and muffling the sound vibrations.

Seesii impact wrenches have improved noise ratings compared to competitors. Their cordless wrenches operate at 80-85 decibels, while corded models are rated for 85-90 decibels. Although not silent, these lower noise levels reduce hearing fatigue and the risk of long-term issues.

Seesii's noise reduction allows extended work sessions without requiring ear defenders. Their tools meet noise level regulations for many work sites. This makes Seesii a smart choice for applications where noise is a concern.

Cordless Battery and Charging

Seesii impact wrenches are powered by high-capacity lithium ion batteries that provide ample runtime per charge. The flagship XR model comes equipped with a 4Ah battery that delivers up to 250 bolt breakaways or 700 tightenings on a single charge.

Lower-end models like the S2 feature slightly smaller 2Ah batteries, but still provide around 120 breakaways per charge. Recharge times are quick - expect around 30-40 minutes to fully rejuice the compact 2Ah batteries or 60-70 minutes for the larger 4Ah packs.

Seesii's batteries use advanced lithium ion cells to produce 18V of power while remaining lightweight and compact. The batteries are designed for years of use and up to 1,000 charge cycles. LED indicators let you check remaining battery life at a glance before starting a job.

Durability and Construction

Seesii impact wrenches are known for their durable construction, designed to withstand tough workshop environments. The housing is made from a combination of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel components. This not only reduces the weight of the tool for easier handling, but also provides strength and impact resistance.

The internal components are precision-machined and fitted to tight tolerances for smooth and reliable operation. Seesii wrenches feature sealed bearings and reinforced gearing to handle high torque loads. The anvil is made from hardened chrome vanadium steel for longevity.

Importantly, Seesii wrenches are designed to be sealed against dust and debris entering the housing. Rubber seals prevent contamination of the inner mechanisms, while the inlet air is filtered to keep out particles. This allows the wrench to deliver consistent power even in dirty workshop conditions.

With their rugged housing, sealed design and quality internal components, Seesii impact wrenches are built to provide years of trouble-free use in professional automotive repair and industrial environments. Their durable construction makes them a long-lasting investment for demanding applications.

Weight and Portability

Seesii impact wrenches are designed with portability and ease of use in mind. The tools are relatively lightweight, with the cordless models weighing between 1.5kg - 2kg without the battery. This makes them easy to carry and maneuver into tight spaces.

The compact size also aids portability. The barrel length of most Seesii wrenches is around 5.5 inches, and they have an overall length around 7.5 - 8 inches. This allows them to fit into engine bays and small spaces where access is limited. The small form factor does not compromise power or runtime.

When equipped with a battery, the weight increases slightly but remains under 3kg for most models. Even with a battery, the Seesii impact wrench feels well-balanced and comfortable to hold. The ergonomic grip and trigger design allow the user to support the weight without straining the arms or wrists, even during prolonged use.

The light weight and compact size make Seesii wrenches ideal for mobile mechanics who need to transport tools between jobs. The portability also suits home DIYers who want an easy-to-handle impact wrench for automotive and repair tasks without taking up excessive storage space. Whether used occasionally or daily, the Seesii impact wrench's portable design enables convenient use whenever needed.

Safety Features

Seesii impact wrenches have important safety features to protect the user. One key feature is the LED light, which illuminates the work area for improved visibility. This helps prevent accidents and injuries, as the user can clearly see what they are working on, even in low light conditions.

Another vital safety component is the lock-on button. This prevents the tool from accidentally starting up when plugged in or when the battery is installed. The user must press and hold the lock-on button before pulling the trigger to start the impact wrench. This avoids potentially dangerous accidental startups. The lock-on button is designed for convenience, as the user can press it with the same hand that pulls the trigger.

Overall, Seesii clearly prioritizes user safety with the LED light for visibility and lock-on button to prevent unintentional startup. These simple but important features help ensure a safe experience when using the impact wrench for automotive or construction jobs. The safety components provide peace of mind that the tool will operate safely.

Warranty and Support

Seesii offers a comprehensive 1 year warranty on all their impact wrenches. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship for the full 12 months after purchase. If anything goes wrong with the tool during normal use within that time, Seesii will repair or replace it free of charge.

The warranty has some reasonable limitations - it does not cover damage from misuse, alterations or unauthorized repairs. But as long as you use and care for the tool properly, you're covered.

Seesii also provides responsive customer support options. You can get assistance via email, phone or live chat on their website. Their customer service team aims to respond quickly and resolve any issues. They want you to have an excellent experience with the Seesii impact wrench.

So you can buy with confidence, knowing Seesii stands behind their tools with a solid 1 year warranty and helpful support. This gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected.


What is a Seesii impact wrench?

A Seesii impact wrench is a power tool that delivers high torque output in order to loosen tight fasteners and bolts. It uses compressed air or an electric motor to generate rotational impacts that help break loose stubborn fasteners.

What are the benefits of using a Seesii impact wrench?

Seesii impact wrenches provide much higher torque than you can deliver with hand tools. This makes them ideal for tasks like loosening rusty bolts, lug nuts, and other stuck fasteners. They save time and make difficult jobs much easier. Seesii wrenches are also more compact than other power tools.

How much torque do Seesii impact wrenches deliver?

Seesii impact wrenches deliver up to 300 ft-lbs of maximum torque. The amount of torque depends on the model - higher end models deliver greater torque for the most demanding applications.

What size bolts can a Seesii impact wrench loosen?

Most Seesii impact wrenches can loosen bolts ranging from 8mm up to 24mm. Higher torque models can loosen even larger bolts and fasteners. The size capability depends on the individual wrench's power and design.

Can I use a Seesii impact wrench for automotive repair?

Yes, Seesii impact wrenches are commonly used for automotive repair jobs like changing tyres, brakes, exhaust work, and suspension system repairs. Their high torque allows you to easily loosen lug nuts and other stuck bolts on cars and trucks.

How much do Seesii impact wrenches cost?

Seesii impact wrenches range in price from around £50 for basic models up to over £200 for professional high torque wrenches. The price depends on the power, performance features, and durability of the individual model.

What safety precautions should I take when using a Seesii impact wrench?

Always wear eye protection. Make sure the socket is securely attached before triggering. Position your body properly to avoid injury from kickback torque. Don't overtighten fasteners. Take breaks to avoid repetitive motion injuries. Keep wrench properly lubricated.

Can I use a Seesii impact wrench for DIY jobs around the house?

Yes, a Seesii impact wrench is a great power tool for DIYers to have for tasks like assembling furniture, fence repair, deck building, and other jobs requiring driving or removing bolts/screws. Just make sure to use the proper socket size and safety precautions.

Do I need an air compressor to use a Seesii impact wrench?

Seesii makes air impact wrenches that require an air compressor, as well as cordless battery powered models. Cordless models provide greater mobility and don't require a separate air compressor.

How can I take care of my Seesii impact wrench for optimal performance?

Regularly lubricate the impact mechanism per the manual instructions. Inspect and replace worn parts. Don't expose to excessive moisture. Only use proper impact rated sockets. Allow motor to properly cool between uses. Follow all maintenance guidelines from Seesii.