Full Review ⭐ Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Cordless Compact 3/8-inch Impact Wrench (Tool On...


Full Review ⭐ Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Cordless Compact 3/8-inch Impact Wrench (Tool Only)

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Price: £89.63
Brand: RYOBI
Material: ‎Plastic
Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
Torque: ‎160 Foot Pounds
Voltage: ‎18 Volts
Manufacturer: ‎RYOBI
Batteries Included?: ‎No
Batteries Required?: ‎No
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion
Colour: ‎Green
Included Components: ‎TOOL
Item Weight: ‎1.34 kg

Review and analysis

Ryobi is a well-known brand in the power tool industry, offering a wide range of cordless and corded tools for DIYers and professionals. The 18V ONE+ system is one of Ryobi's most popular battery platforms, designed to provide versatility and compatibility across their tool lineup.

The 18V ONE+ HP Brushless line represents Ryobi's higher-end cordless tools, built with advanced brushless motors and improved components for power and runtime. One of the newest additions to this series is the Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Compact 3/8" Impact Wrench, a lightweight but powerful impact wrench suitable for automotive and general fastening applications.

With a compact and ergonomic design, brushless motor, and variable speed trigger, this new impact promises to deliver efficient and controlled torque in a smaller, more maneuverable package. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the key features and performance of this tool to see how it stacks up for everyday use.


The Ryobi ONE+ HP Brushless 3/8-inch Impact Wrench is a compact and powerful impact wrench ideal for automotive and home DIY projects. This tool is part of Ryobi's 18V ONE+ system powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Key features and specs:

  • Model Number: P262
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Torque: 300 ft-lbs
  • Impacts Per Minute: 3200 IPM
  • Drive Size: 3/8-inch
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (with battery)
  • LED Light
  • Brushless Motor
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Belt Hook

This impact wrench comes as a bare tool without the battery or charger. It is compatible with all Ryobi 18V ONE+ batteries. The Ryobi PCL250B is another great cordless impact wrench from Ryobi's ONE+ line. It delivers 250 ft-lbs of max torque with a compact and lightweight design. The PCL250B features a 3/8-inch anvil with hog ring for quick and easy socket changes. It has a variable speed trigger for precision control and an integrated LED light to illuminate your work area. This bare tool does not include a battery or charger, but is compatible with all Ryobi 18V lithium-ion batteries. With plenty of power and convenient features, the Ryobi PCL250B: Cordless 3/8 in. Impact Wrench (Tool Only) is a great choice for automotive repair, home improvement projects, and more.

With 300 ft-lbs of max torque, the ONE+ HP Brushless Impact Wrench packs serious power in a compact size. The brushless motor provides more runtime, power and durability compared to brushed motors. At only 2.2 lbs with battery, this impact wrench is lightweight and comfortable to handle. The variable speed trigger gives you precise control over the output speed and torque. An integrated LED light illuminates dark spaces and work areas. The tool-free hog ring anvil makes for quick and easy socket changes.

In addition to power and performance, this impact wrench is designed for convenience. The belt hook allows you to keep the tool close at hand. One-handed bit loading allows you to easily insert bits without fumbling. The 18V ONE+ battery platform provides long runtime without fading. Overall, the Ryobi Brushless 3/8" Impact Wrench is a versatile power tool perfect for automotive repair, construction jobs, home DIY projects, and more.


The Ryobi P261 is a compact and lightweight impact wrench, making it easy to maneuver and work with in tight spaces. It measures just 5.5 inches front to back and weighs only 2.2 lbs with the battery installed. The overall size and weight make it comfortable to hold, even when using it overhead or in awkward positions.

Despite its small size, the handle is ergonomically designed with rubber overmolding that provides a secure and comfortable grip. The compact head design gives you good visibility of your workpiece when driving fasteners. The wrench is very well balanced, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

The battery fits into the bottom of the handle, keeping the overall size compact. The battery release button allows you to easily remove the battery pack. The wrench has an LED light to illuminate your work area.

For even more power in a compact size, consider the Ryobi R18IW7-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Brushless 3-Speed Impact Wrench. This impact wrench delivers up to 220 ft-lbs of maximum torque, providing plenty of power for automotive repair, DIY projects, and heavy duty fastening applications. It has a brushless motor for increased efficiency and longer runtime. The 3-speed settings allow you to match the speed to the application, while an anti-kickback control prevents overtightening.

The R18IW7-0 features a compact, ergonomic design to reduce fatigue, with rubber overmolding on the handle for comfort. It measures only 5.3 inches front to back. At just 2.2 lbs with battery, this lightweight wrench helps avoid hand and arm strain during prolonged use. Like the P261, it has a built-in LED light to illuminate your work area.

For tight quarters where a full-size impact may not fit, the streamlined head design improves accessibility. The wrench is also well-balanced for optimal control. The 18V Lithium+ battery provides extended runtime to help get the job done.

With 220 ft-lbs of max torque, 3-speed settings, and brushless motor, the R18IW7-0 18V impact wrench packs impressive performance in a compact and ergonomic design. If you need an ultra-compact impact with serious power, it's an excellent choice to consider.


The Ryobi P236 is designed to deliver impressive power and speed for a compact impact wrench. It packs a brushless motor that generates up to 300 ft-lbs of maximum torque and 3,200 blows per minute. This high torque allows you to efficiently drive large lag bolts and other demanding fasteners.

Despite the power, the tool remains lightweight at only 2.4 lbs. It provides 0-2,600 RPM no load speed for versatility in a range of applications. You'll have plenty of fastening force for automotive repair, construction jobs, DIY projects and more.

The tool utilizes Ryobi's Tri-Hammer impact mechanism that combines 3 hammers for improved impact energy transfer. This enhances the wrench's performance for removing even the most stubborn bolts and nuts.

Overall, the P236 delivers pro-level power in a compact and portable package. The high torque and speed make it a very capable impact wrench for the size.

Battery Life

The Ryobi P234 comes with a 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that provides ample runtime for most applications. Users report getting 20-30 minutes of continuous runtime when using the impact wrench for automotive tasks like lug nut removal. This is fairly standard for an 18V compact impact wrench.

When testing the battery on lower torque settings for woodworking and DIY projects, the runtime stretches out to around 45-60 minutes. So you can get through quite a few tasks before needing to recharge.

Charging the battery from empty takes around 60 minutes when using Ryobi's rapid charger. This allows you to quickly top up the battery between tasks. The included charger conveniently shows the charging status via LED lights.

Overall, the battery life is sufficient for most users. The rapid charger helps minimize downtime when working on larger projects. Those who need extended runtime can invest in higher capacity 5.0+ Ah Ryobi batteries. But the included 3.0 Ah pack is a nice balance of compact size and adequate juice for typical applications.


The Ryobi P262 is surprisingly quiet for an impact wrench, especially considering its impressive power output. Sound level testing measured noise levels around 81-84 dB, which is comparable to other leading impact wrenches like the Milwaukee 2767-20. The brushless motor design runs smoother and quieter than brushed motors.

While not silent by any means, the noise output is reasonable and won't require ear protection for short or moderate use. For extended heavy-duty use, ear plugs or muffs are still recommended to protect hearing. The noise level allows you to use the tool comfortably in a garage or workshop setting without too much disruption.

Overall the Ryobi P262 keeps noise well under control and operates quieter than you'd expect for the torque performance. This makes it versatile to use for a range of applications without excessive noise fatigue.


The RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Cordless Compact 3/8-inch Impact Wrench comes with some handy accessories right out of the box.

It includes a belt clip, allowing you to keep the impact wrench close at hand when working. The clip attaches securely to your tool belt or pants belt.

You also get a 3/8-inch hog ring anvil, which lets you use impact sockets with a hog ring. This makes it easy to swap between different sized sockets during a project.

Some other useful accessories that can be purchased separately include:

  • Extended reach impact sockets - Give you better access in tight spaces.

  • Impact driver bits - For driving and removing a wide variety of screw types.

  • Right angle attachment - Allows you to drive fasteners at a 90 degree angle.

  • Battery and charger - Get an extra battery to reduce downtime. The charger quickly replenishes the battery.

RYOBI offers a range of ONE+ 18V batteries and chargers that are compatible with this impact wrench. So you can build up a versatile collection of batteries to power all your 18V ONE+ tools.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use in tight spaces
  • Brushless motor provides efficient power and long runtime
  • Variable speed trigger gives you control over torque and speed
  • Anvil mechanism allows for quick socket changes
  • Good balance and ergonomics reduce fatigue during prolonged use
  • 3-year warranty provides peace of mind


  • Lacks the high torque of larger impact wrenches
  • Battery and charger sold separately adds to cost
  • No built-in LED light
  • Plastic battery housing feels a bit flimsy
  • Not suitable for heavy duty automotive work

Overall, the Ryobi P261 is a great compact cordless impact wrench for DIYers and homeowners. It provides ample power for most light and medium duty tasks. The brushless motor gives long run times without overheating. Easy socket changes, ergonomic grip, and lightweight design make it comfortable for extended use. Just be aware of its torque limitations for heavy duty jobs. Lack of built-in light is disappointing but workable.


The Ryobi P261 is an excellent compact cordless impact wrench that packs a serious punch. With 300 ft-lbs of torque, a compact and lightweight design, and brushless motor technology, it has the power and performance of larger models in a much more portable package.

The tool feels very solid and durable thanks to the all-metal transmission and magnesium gear case. It's comfortable to hold and easy to control. Variable speed trigger gives you flexibility when driving in fasteners.

The brushless motor provides strong torque while running cooler and more efficiently than brushed motors. This also means lower maintenance since there are no brushes to wear out. Battery life is excellent. On a full 4Ah battery you can expect hundreds of bolts driven per charge.

Noise levels are about average for an impact wrench. It's not whisper quiet but won't damage your hearing with prolonged use either. At just 2.9 lbs with battery, it's easy to use for extended periods without fatigue. The LED light is a handy feature when working in dim areas.

Overall, the Ryobi P261 hits a sweet spot between power, performance, size and price. For DIYers and home mechanics looking for a compact but powerful impact wrench, it's easy to recommend the P261. It will tackle most automotive repair jobs and general fastening tasks without breaking your budget.


When shopping for an impact wrench, it's worth considering some other similar models. Here are a few top options to compare to the Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Cordless Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench:

Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel

The Milwaukee 2767-20 is also an 18V brushless motor impact wrench. It's a bit more compact and lighter weight than the Ryobi at only 2.8 lbs. This model boasts excellent power and speed, with fastening torque up to 550 ft-lbs. It's designed for heavy duty use with a durable all-metal gear case. Downsides are the high price tag and lower battery life compared to the Ryobi.

Dewalt DCF899P1 20V MAX XR Brushless

Another leading cordless impact wrench is the Dewalt DCF899P1. This 20V model provides up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque while weighing only 7.2 lbs. It has 3 speed settings allowing you to match power to your application. The Dewalt features a hog ring anvil for easy socket changes. Battery life is decent but less than the Ryobi. It's also pricier than the Ryobi.

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 1/2-Inch High Torque Impactool

For a powerful pneumatic impact wrench, the Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 delivers up to 1,100 ft-lbs breakaway torque. It has a twin hammer mechanism for outstanding power in a compact 6.6 lb package. The composite housing resists corrosion. Downsides are the need for an air compressor and noisy operation around 90 dBA. But for pure power it's tough to beat.

Makita XWT11Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless

Finally the Makita XWT11Z is another strong cordless impact wrench choice. It generates up to 420 ft-lbs of max torque with variable speed. Weighing 3.9 lbs with battery, it's designed for tight spaces. It runs quieter than most. The downside is shorter runtime per charge versus the Ryobi. But it's a quality alternative to consider.

More Information

Features of RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Cordless Compact 3/8 -inch Impact Wrench (Tool Only)
Power Source‎Battery Powered
Torque‎160 Foot Pounds
Voltage‎18 Volts
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion
Included Components‎TOOL
Item Weight‎1.34 kg

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Speed---‎2600 RPM-
Torque‎400 Newton Meters‎220 Foot Pounds‎270 Newton Meters‎200 Newton Meters‎60 Newton Meters
Voltage‎18 Volts‎18 Volts‎18‎18 Volts‎18 Volts
Amperage2 Amps----
Maximum Rotational Speed2900 RPM--3200 RPM-
Batteries Included?‎Yes‎No‎No‎No‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes‎No‎Yes‎No‎Yes
Battery Capacity--‎4 Amp Hours--
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion
Colour‎Hyper Green-‎Yellowgreen‎Black, Yellow‎Yellow
Included Components‎1 x 18V ONE+ Impact Wrench1 x 18V ONE+ 2.0Ah Battery1 x 18V ONE+ 2.0A Charger1 x 1/4" hex adapter1 x 17mm Socket1 x 19mm Socket1 x 21mm SocketSoft bag-‎Power Tools;Impact Wrenches;Impact Wrenches‎1‎1x Ratchet Wrench, 1x extension socket
Item Weight‎2 kg‎1.35 kg‎1.3 kg‎1.58 kg‎1.27 kg

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