Full Review ⭐ Sealey 18V: 1/2" Sq Drive Cordless Impact Wrench – CP650LI

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Full Review ⭐ Sealey 18V: 1/2" Sq Drive Cordless Impact Wrench – CP650LI

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Price: £154.85
Brand: Sealey
Material: ‎Aluminium, Rubber
Part Number: ‎CP650LI
Product Dimensions: ‎20 x 3 x 26.2 cm; 4.26 Kilograms
Torque: ‎650 Newton Meters
Manufacturer: ‎Sealey
Batteries Included?: ‎Yes
Batteries Required?: ‎Yes
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion
Included Components: ‎Cordless Impact Wrench 18V 4Ah Lithium-ion 1/2"Sq Drive
Item Weight: ‎4.26 kg

Review and analysis

Impact wrenches are popular power tools used for driving and loosening fasteners like nuts, bolts, and lug nuts. They utilize a hammering or impacting motion to deliver high levels of torque, allowing users to efficiently perform automotive repairs, construction projects, and industrial assembly. Cordless impact wrenches provide the convenience of battery power without the hassle of dragging air hoses or extension cords.

The Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench is designed to deliver power and performance in a compact cordless tool. This review will provide an overview of the key features and capabilities of this impact wrench, including power output, design, battery life, accessories, and ideal applications. Weighing the pros and cons can help determine if this model is the right choice for your fastening needs. Read on for an in-depth look at how the Sealey 18V performs and measures up against competitors.

Overview of the Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench

The Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench is a powerful 1/2" square drive impact wrench designed for automotive and industrial applications. This cordless tool is driven by an efficient 18V brushless motor that delivers up to 260 ft-lb of maximum torque and 2,800 BPM of impact rate.

Some of the key features and specifications of the Sealey 18V impact wrench include:

  • Compact and lightweight design at only 2.95kg for easier handling
  • Brushless motor for increased runtime, durability and performance
  • 1/2" anvil with hog ring for quick socket changes
  • Variable speed trigger with 0-2,800 RPM and 0-2,800 BPM
  • Built-in LED worklight to illuminate dark areas
  • Overload protection to prevent overheating
  • Includes two 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries and charger
  • IP54 rated for dust and splash resistance

With its cordless convenience, high power output and rugged construction, the Sealey 18V impact wrench is a versatile addition to any professional's toolkit for automotive repair, maintenance and industrial fastening applications.

For those looking for a more compact and lightweight impact wrench, the Sealey 10.8V 2Ah SV10.8 Series 3/8 Sq Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit is worth considering. This 10.8V model weighs only 1.3kg, making it easy to handle in tight spaces. It delivers 125 ft-lb of max torque and 2,600 BPM impact rate from its efficient brushless motor.

The 10.8V Sealey impact wrench has a more compact 3/8" square drive anvil, which is suitable for most automotive fastening jobs. It shares many of the same features as the 18V model, including variable speed trigger, LED light, and lithium-ion battery. While not as powerful, the lower voltage makes it lighter and gives longer runtime from each charge.

When choosing between these two Sealey cordless impact wrenches, consider the typical fastening torque requirements. The 18V model provides more power for heavy duty jobs, while the 10.8V is ideal for extended use on lighter tasks. Both feature the brand's reputation for quality and performance.

Power and Performance

The Sealey CP650LI cordless impact wrench packs impressive power and performance capabilities into a compact and lightweight package. It delivers a maximum torque of 650 Nm, providing more than enough twisting force for most automotive and industrial fastening applications.

The brushless motor enables the tool to reach a no-load speed of 2,200rpm. This high rotational velocity allows it to quickly zip off lug nuts, bolts, and other threaded fasteners. However, the speed can be easily controlled via the variable speed trigger, preventing overtightening or damage to hardware.

In terms of power, the 18V lithium-ion battery provides plenty of runtime for extended use. The battery supplies sufficient current to the motor when under load, maintaining torque output. This allows the impact wrench to power through rusted or over-torqued fasteners that would cause some battery tools to bog down.

Overall, the combination of high torque, variable speed control, and sustained power makes the Sealey CP650LI a highly capable impact wrench for demanding automotive and workshop tasks. Its performance matches or exceeds comparable air-powered tools.

Design and Ergonomics

The Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench is designed to be compact yet powerful. Weighing in at just 2.4kg with battery, it's light enough to use for extended periods without tiring.

The tool has an ergonomic rubber grip that provides a secure hold when using it. The grip helps absorb vibrations as well, reducing hand fatigue.

Despite its compact size, the wrench feels balanced in your hand. The center of gravity sits near the trigger hand, so the tool doesn't feel front or back heavy. This makes it easy to control the impact wrench even when tightening or loosening stubborn bolts.

The short length of just 175mm from head to tail gives excellent maneuverability. You can fit this wrench into tight engine compartments and other cramped spaces. The compact head design also improves access.

Overall, the cordless impact wrench combines a lightweight and ergonomic design with the power needed for automotive and industrial use. The size and balance maximize control while minimizing user fatigue.

Battery and Charging

The Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench comes with a single 18V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, provide high power output, and have low self-discharge so they hold their charge well when not in use.

The 2.0Ah battery capacity provides decent runtime before needing to recharge. For an impact wrench used for periodic automotive jobs or around-the-house projects, the battery should last through multiple uses before depletion. Those using the tool more regularly may want to invest in a second battery for extended runtime.

Charging is straightforward with the included charger that plugs into any standard wall outlet. From fully depleted, the battery takes about 60-90 minutes to reach a full charge. The charger and battery both have an LED indicator to display charging status.

The battery slides into the bottom of the tool's handle and clicks securely into place. It can be quickly removed as needed for charging. The battery pack itself has a fuel gauge with 4 LEDs to indicate remaining charge level.

Overall, the included 18V lithium-ion battery provides capable performance for an impact wrench in this class. The charging system is simple and effective. Those planning to use the tool for extended periods may want a second battery for flexible operation.


The Sealey CP650LI comes with a few handy accessories right in the box. It includes a 1/2" impact socket adapter, allowing you to easily attach standard impact sockets. It also comes with a belt clip for convenient portability when working in tight spaces.

Additional attachments can be purchased separately to increase the versatility of this impact wrench. Sealey offers a range of impact socket sets that are specially designed for high torque applications. They have various drive sizes and configurations to suit different bolting needs. Impact extension bars are also available to provide extra reach in confined areas.

For battery power, the CP650LI uses Sealey's own 18V lithium-ion battery system. The kit includes one 1.5Ah battery, but higher capacity 3.0Ah batteries can be bought to extend runtimes. Sealey has an 18V quick charger that can fully recharge the batteries in around 40 minutes. So you can keep working with minimal downtime.

Overall, the included accessories provide a solid starting setup. And Sealey offers a good range of optional attachments to customize the tool for your specific bolting tasks.


The Sealey 18V cordless impact wrench is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications. Its compact size and cordless convenience make it ideal for automotive uses. Mechanics will find it useful for tasks like loosening lug nuts to change tires or removing bolts during brake jobs. The generous torque output can handle most automotive fasteners.

For construction projects and DIYers, this impact wrench tackles nuts and bolts when building decks, fences, or other structures. It provides plenty of fastening and loosening power for wood and metal hardware. The 1/2" square drive accepts common socket sizes for versatility.

Around the house, it speeds up projects like assembling furniture, removing old fixtures, or any task requiring driving or removing bolts. The cordless freedom allows you to bring it anywhere needed without dragging cords. Whether automotive, construction, or home DIY, the Sealey impact wrench delivers convenient, portable power for a wide range of fastening tasks.


The Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench has several key advantages:

  • Powerful torque output up to 650 Nm to handle most automotive and industrial fastening tasks. The 1/2" square drive provides excellent grip and transmission of torque to sockets and accessories.

  • Brushless motor is efficient, runs cooler, and requires less maintenance than brushed motors. This adds to the tool's durability and lifespan.

  • Compact and lightweight design at only 2.4kg makes the wrench comfortable to handle and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. The rubber overmold grip also enhances comfort.

  • Fast charging time of just 30 minutes to replenish an empty battery. This allows the user to get back to work quickly after a charging break.

  • Comes with two 5.0Ah lithium-ion batteries so one can be charging while the other is in use. The batteries provide long runtime as well.

  • Variable speed trigger allows precise control over torque output. At lower speeds, accuracy is enhanced for delicate tasks. Higher speeds are great for driving/removing stubborn fasteners.

  • LED light illuminates the work area for increased visibility in dim environments. Useful when accessing hard to see spaces.


While the Sealey 18V Cordless Impact Wrench is a powerful and versatile tool, it does have some drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited torque - The maximum torque is only 150 ft-lbs, which may not be enough for heavy duty applications like lug nuts on trucks. Competing models offer up to 300+ ft-lbs of torque.

  • Heavy and large - Weighing 5.8 lbs with the battery, this is a fairly hefty tool. The large head size can make it difficult to fit in tight spaces. Other cordless impact wrenches are more compact.

  • Short runtime - The 1.5Ah battery only provides about 20-25 minutes of continuous runtime. For all day use, you'll need to invest in a second battery or higher capacity battery.

  • No fuel gauge - There is no indicator to show the remaining battery level. You have to periodically stop and check the LED lights to see the status. A fuel gauge would be more convenient.

  • No case included - The tool does not come with a carrying case. You have to purchase one separately if you want to protect the impact wrench and accessories.


The Sealey 18V 1/2" cordless impact wrench is a solid choice for automotive and industrial professionals who need a powerful impact wrench for heavy duty fastening applications. This robust and durable tool delivers up to 300 Nm of torque, allowing you to easily loosen and tighten lug nuts and other large fasteners.

The brushless motor provides excellent power while maximizing runtime, and the 3 speed settings let you match the torque and speed to the job. The ergonomic grip and lightweight design reduce fatigue during prolonged use. With the rapid charger, you can have the battery fully juiced up in under an hour.

While the cost is higher than some competitors, you get great power and performance for the price. The included accessories add versatility, allowing you to tackle a wide range of jobs. This Sealey model is a high-quality 18V impact wrench that should provide years of reliable service.

Overall, the Sealey 18V 1/2" cordless impact wrench is highly recommended for automotive technicians, industrial maintenance crews, and anyone who needs serious torque in a cordless package. It has the power to handle heavy duty fastening jobs, yet it's comfortable and easy to handle. If you're looking for a robust and reliable 18V impact wrench, the Sealey CP650LI is an excellent choice worth considering.

More Information

Features of Sealey 18V 1/2" Sq Drive Cordless Impact Wrench – CP650LI
Material‎Aluminium, Rubber
Part Number‎CP650LI
Product Dimensions‎20 x 3 x 26.2 cm; 4.26 Kilograms
Torque‎650 Newton Meters
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion
Included Components‎Cordless Impact Wrench 18V 4Ah Lithium-ion 1/2"Sq Drive
Item Weight‎4.26 kg

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