Full Review ⭐ Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H: Cordless Rotary Impact Wrench, Tightening...

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Full Review ⭐ Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H: Cordless Rotary Impact Wrench, Tightening Torque 1,050 Nm, Breakaway Torque 1,700 Nm, in L-Boxx

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Price: £220.82
Brand: Bosch Professional
Material: ‎Copper
Part Number: ‎06019J8501
Pattern: ‎In L-Boxx
Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
Product Dimensions: ‎25.4 x 5.08 x 6.86 cm; 2.9 Kilograms
Special Features: ‎Battery, compatible
Speed: ‎1750 RPM
Torque: ‎1050 Newton Meters
Voltage: ‎18 Volts
Amperage: 5.5 Amps
Maximum Rotational Speed: 1750 RPM
Manufacturer: ‎Bosch Professional
Power Source: Battery Powered
Batteries Included?: ‎No
Batteries Required?: ‎Yes
Battery Capacity: ‎5
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion
Battery Description: ‎Not Included
Colour: ‎In L-boxx
Included Components: ‎Items included: GDS 18V-1050 H, 1/1 L-BOXX inlay for tool and charger, L-BOXX 136
Item Weight: ‎2.9 kg

Review and analysis

The Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H is a powerful and versatile cordless impact wrench suitable for automotive and industrial applications. As part of the 18V "Power for All" system, it's powered by Bosch's 18V lithium-ion batteries and delivers impressive performance for such a compact tool.

With 1,050 Nm of max torque and 1,700 Nm of breakaway torque, the GDS 18V-1050 H makes light work of stubborn bolts and fasteners. The brushless motor provides high power and efficiency, while the short head length allows access in tight spaces. It's a great choice whether you're working on trucks, machinery, steel fabrication, or major construction projects.

Weighing just 3.7 kg with battery, the GDS 18V-1050 H combines power and portability. The sturdy metal housing and proven Bosch durability mean it can withstand tough professional use. Overall, it's a versatile and capable cordless impact wrench suitable for mechanics, tradespeople, and DIYers alike.

Design & Build Quality

The Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H impact wrench features a robust and durable design built to withstand heavy use on the job site. The housing is constructed from a reinforced composite material that is both lightweight yet highly resilient to impacts, abrasions and harsh environmental conditions.

Despite its compact size, the tool feels very solid and substantial in-hand thanks to its all-metal transmission and reinforced gearing. The slim grip profile offers excellent ergonomics for reduced user fatigue, allowing you to work comfortably even in tight spaces.

Attention has been paid to small details that enhance the user experience. Soft grip zones on the housing and side-handle promote a secure hold. A built-in LED light illuminates dark work areas. The battery fits snugly into the base without wobble. An anti-slip rubber pad on the base protects work surfaces from scratches.

Overall, the GDS 18V-1050 H reflects Bosch's reputation for precision German engineering. It's a robust and thoughtfully designed impact wrench built to provide years of reliable service under demanding professional use.

In addition to the GDS 18V-1050 H, Bosch offers other high-quality impact wrenches like the Bosch GDR 10,8-LI. This lightweight yet powerful cordless impact wrench delivers up to 108 ft-lbs of max torque while weighing only 2.9 lbs with battery. It utilizes Bosch's 18V Lithium-Ion battery technology for longer runtime and features a compact head design that can access tight spaces.

The GDR 10,8-LI has a durable all-metal transmission and hammer mechanism designed for heavy fastening applications. It provides 1,600 impacts per minute for efficient work progress. An integrated LED light illuminates dark areas. Soft zones on the housing enhance grip comfort during prolonged use.

With professional features like Precision Control for accuracy and Electronic Cell Protection to prevent overheating, the GDR 10,8-LI is another example of Bosch's commitment to producing high-performance, reliable power tools. Its cordless convenience combined with robust impact power make it an excellent choice for automotive, HVAC and general fastening jobs.

Power & Performance

The Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H impact wrench features a powerful brushless motor that delivers impressive performance. It produces a maximum tightening torque of 1,050 Nm and a breakaway torque of 1,700 Nm, making it suitable for really stubborn and rusted bolts.

The motor provides efficient power while keeping noise to a minimum. It has two speed settings - 0-1900 rpm and 0-2800 rpm. This allows you to match the speed to the application, helping avoid overtightening damage. At 0-1900 rpm, it has more control for accuracy in delicate tasks. At 0-2800 rpm, it blasts through tough bolts quickly.

The wrench delivers up to 339 Nm of nutbusting torque, which gives it excellent power for breaking loose even corroded fasteners. The variable speed trigger gives you flexibility in adjusting the speed and power to the task. Overall, the GDS 18V-1050H combines high torque, fast speeds, and useful control features for demanding automotive and industrial bolting applications.

For those looking for a slightly less powerful but still high-performing cordless impact wrench from Bosch, check out the Bosch Professional GDS 18V-330 HC. This 18V cordless impact wrench provides 330 Nm of tightening torque and 560 Nm of breakaway torque. While less than the 1050H, it still offers ample power for most automotive and DIY applications.

The 18V-330 HC features a brushless motor for long life and efficiency. It has three speed and torque settings that allow you to match the power to the job. Speed 1 provides precise control at 0-1300 rpm for accurate tightening of small fasteners. Speed 2 generates 0-2200 rpm for most automotive jobs. Speed 3 delivers 0-3000 rpm for the highest torque and power. Like the 1050H, it has a variable speed trigger for even more control.

Weighing just 2 kg, the 18V-330 HC is lightweight and comfortable to handle. It measures only 155 mm in length for access in tight spaces. The 18V battery provides enough charge for about 200 bolts per charge. With the ability to switch between precision control and high power, this is an excellent mid-range impact wrench option from Bosch.

Both the GDS 18V-1050 H and the 18V-330 HC deliver the outstanding performance Bosch is known for. The 1050H is ideal for heavy duty bolting jobs where maximum torque is needed. The 330 HC gives users versatility in a compact size at a lower price point. Check out both models to see which Bosch professional cordless impact wrench is best for your needs.

Battery & Charger

The Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H impact wrench comes with Bosch's 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. The batteries have a large 4.0Ah capacity which provides excellent runtime.

One of the key benefits of the 18V system is that the batteries are compatible with Bosch's entire range of 18V tools. So if you already own other Bosch 18V tools, you can share batteries between them.

Charging is handled by Bosch's GAL 18V charger which can charge a single battery in around 60 minutes. This is quite quick for an 18V battery of this size. The charger plugs into a standard wall outlet.

In terms of battery life, you can expect around 80-100 bolts removed or tightened per full 4.0Ah battery charge. This will vary a bit depending on the size/tightness of the bolts. But for an impact wrench with over 1,000 Nm of torque, the battery life is very good.

Overall, the 18V battery system provides excellent power, quick charging, and good runtime for a high torque cordless impact wrench. The batteries are also compatible with Bosch's full line of 18V tools.

Noise Level

When it comes to noise level, the Bosch GDS 18V-1050 is relatively quiet for an impact wrench of this power class. Bosch rates it at only 81 dBa, which is comparable to a gas lawn mower. This is quieter than most competitors like the Milwaukee 2754-22CT at 85 dBa and the DeWalt DCF899P1 at 82 dBa.

Part of what keeps the noise down is the brushless motor design, which enables a more efficient power transfer. The motor itself runs very smoothly, without the high-pitched whine that some cheaper impact wrenches exhibit. The hammer mechanism is also well-dampened inside the housing to prevent excess vibration. Combined with the ergonomic grip, this makes the GDS 18V-1050 comfortable to hold during prolonged use.

The moderate 81 dBa noise rating means you can use the Bosch without ear protection for short periods. But for extended use, earplugs or earmuffs are recommended to prevent hearing damage from the cumulative effects. While not the absolute quietest, the GDS 18V-1050 strikes a good balance between power and noise for most users.


The Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H comes with a few handy accessories right in the box. Inside the sturdy L-Boxx storage case, you'll find the impact wrench itself, a 4.0Ah FatPack battery, an L-Boxx charger, and an auxiliary handle.

The included 4.0Ah FatPack battery provides longer runtime compared to standard batteries while still being compact and lightweight. It can deliver up to 390 watt-hours of power. The L-Boxx charger is designed to charge Bosch 18V batteries quickly and fits neatly into the case.

The auxiliary handle screws into the head of the impact wrench, giving you extra grip and control when dealing with stubborn bolts. This helps absorb vibration and makes the tool easier to hold steady.

While the impact wrench comes well-equipped, Bosch offers additional accessories you may want to add on. These include larger batteries for extended runtime, an L-Boxx wall mount for charging and storage, impact sockets in various sizes, and more. Purchasing some impact-rated sockets would be ideal to maximize the tool's capabilities.


The Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H cordless impact wrench packs a serious punch in a lightweight, compact body. The brushless motor delivers an impressive 1050 Nm of max tightening torque and 1700 Nm breakaway torque, making it ideal for heavy-duty automotive and machinery work.

Despite its power, the tool weighs just 3.7 kg with battery, keeping fatigue at bay even after extended use. The slim handle design enhances grip and control as well. Bosch's 18V Lithium-Ion batteries provide long runtimes per charge and have no memory effect or self-discharge.

An integrated LED light illuminates dark work areas. The impact wrench has robust metal gearing and housing to withstand job site abuse. Variable speed control allows you to match power to the application. An all-metal quick release chuck makes bit changes fast and easy. Overall, a lightweight yet hard-hitting cordless impact wrench suited to pros.


The Bosch GDS 18V-1050 does have some drawbacks to consider.

Price - This is a professional grade tool aimed at serious DIYers and tradespeople, so it comes with a professional grade price tag. At around £650, this is a significant investment that may be out of reach for casual users or those on a tight budget. While the performance and power warrant the price, it's still a lot of money compared to more basic DIY impact wrenches.

Noise - With its brute power comes noise. This is one of the loudest impact wrenches on the market, producing up to 93 dB of noise in operation. That's very loud, on par with a motorcycle or lawnmower. Extended use without hearing protection is not recommended. Those sensitive to noise may find it uncomfortable to use, especially for longer jobs. Ear defenders are a must.

Weight - At 2.6 kg including the battery, this is a relatively heavy and bulky tool. The weight could become tiring if using it overhead or for long periods. The compact head does help offset the weight somewhat, but it's still hefty for an 18V cordless tool. Those who prioritize light weight and compact size may find it too bulky.

Battery Life - While decent, the battery life is not exceptional. With heavy use, expect no more than 20-30 minutes of runtime. Plan on having 1-2 spare batteries for longer jobs or all day use.

Overall the powerful performance comes with tradeoffs of high price, noise, and bulk. For professional use the pros easily outweigh the cons, but it may be overkill for light DIY use.

Who It's For

The Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H cordless rotary impact wrench is designed for professionals who need serious power and performance for automotive, construction, maintenance, and industrial applications. With a maximum tightening torque of 1,050 Nm and breakaway torque of 1,700 Nm, this impact wrench can handle even the most stubborn fasteners in demanding work environments.

The 18V brushless motor provides efficient power while the compact design allows access into tight spaces. The 1/2" square drive with detent pin is compatible with standard impact sockets for versatility. Its robust metal housing and L-Boxx storage case ensure durability for daily professional use.

With its high power and torque capabilities, this Bosch impact wrench is ideal for mechanics working on heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, and other large machinery. It has the muscle to remove corroded or overtightened wheel lugs, suspension components, drivetrain parts, and more. Construction crews will appreciate the cordless convenience and torque for driving large lag bolts into wood beams and securing machinery like generators. Maintenance teams can rely on its consistent performance for equipment installation and repairs.

In industrial settings like manufacturing plants and refineries, this Bosch impact wrench provides the endurance needed for repetitive assembly/disassembly of production equipment. Plant managers can equip their maintenance personnel with this tool for ongoing upkeep tasks. With the 18V battery, it eliminates the hazards and hassles of pneumatic hoses.

Thanks to its pro-grade power and versatility, the Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H impact wrench is recommended for automotive, construction, industrial, and other intensive professional applications. It provides cordless convenience without sacrificing torque and performance.


The Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H cordless impact wrench is an extremely powerful and versatile tool that professionals and demanding DIYers will appreciate. With 1050 Nm of max tightening torque and 1700 Nm breakaway torque, it can handle lug nuts on trucks, buses, and heavy equipment with ease.

Despite its brute strength, the GDS 18V-1050 H remains compact and ergonomic at only 7.5 inches long and weighing 5.7 lbs with battery. It's designed for comfort during prolonged use. The brushless motor also provides excellent efficiency and runtime per charge.

This impact wrench really shines thanks to its versatility. The variable speed trigger gives excellent control when needed, while max power is always available. The hog ring anvil makes socket changes fast and easy too. Plus, it comes with a handy LED light to brighten dark work areas.

For professionals or avid DIYers looking for a cordless impact wrench that can handle the toughest jobs without compromise, the Bosch Professional GDS 18V-1050 H is an excellent choice. It provides unmatched power in a thoughtfully designed package. This is a tool built to withstand years of regular use and deliver reliable service.

More Information

Features of Bosch Professional Cordless Rotary Impact Wrench GDS 18V-1050 H (Tightening Torque 1,050 Nm, Breakaway Torque 1,700 Nm, in L-Boxx)
BrandBosch Professional
Part Number‎06019J8501
Pattern‎In L-Boxx
Power Source‎Battery Powered
Product Dimensions‎25.4 x 5.08 x 6.86 cm; 2.9 Kilograms
Special Features‎Battery, compatible
Speed‎1750 RPM
Torque‎1050 Newton Meters
Voltage‎18 Volts
Amperage5.5 Amps
Maximum Rotational Speed1750 RPM
Manufacturer‎Bosch Professional
Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Capacity‎5
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion
Battery Description‎Not Included
Colour‎In L-boxx
Included Components‎Items included: GDS 18V-1050 H, 1/1 L-BOXX inlay for tool and charger, L-BOXX 136
Item Weight‎2.9 kg

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