Full Review ⭐ DeWalt DCF922D2T: XR BL 1/2in Impact Wrench 18V 2 x 2.0Ah Li-ion

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Full Review ⭐ DeWalt DCF922D2T: XR BL 1/2in Impact Wrench 18V 2 x 2.0Ah Li-ion

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Price: £234.04
Material: ‎Metal
Part Number: ‎DEWDCF922D2T
Power Source: ‎AC
Product Dimensions: ‎44 x 35 x 12 cm; 3.96 Kilograms
Voltage: ‎18 Volts
Maximum Rotational Speed: 1970 RPM
Manufacturer: ‎Dewalt
Power Source: AC
Batteries Included?: ‎Yes
Batteries Required?: ‎No
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium
Colour: ‎Yellow
Included Components: ‎DCF922D2T XR BL 1/2in Impact Wrench 18V 2 x 2.0Ah Li-ion
Item Weight: ‎3.96 kg

Review and analysis

DeWalt is one of the most well-known and respected brands when it comes to power tools. Founded in 1924, DeWalt has established itself as a leader in the industry, known for producing high-quality, durable, and innovative tools. They offer a wide selection of power tools including drills, saws, sanders, grinders, routers, and more.

One of their most popular lines is their XR cordless tool range. The XR tools feature brushless motors and lithium-ion battery packs, providing optimized runtime and power. DeWalt stands behind these tools with a 3-year limited warranty, showing their confidence in the quality and durability.

The DeWalt DCF922D2T reviewed here is part of their XR line. As an 18V 1/2" impact wrench, it promises impressive power and torque in a compact and ergonomic design. DeWalt impact wrenches are built to make short work of stubborn bolts and fasteners. Let's take a closer look at the features and performance of this model.


The DeWalt DCF922D2T is an 18V cordless 1/2 inch impact wrench that delivers outstanding power and performance for automotive and heavy duty fastening applications. This tool features DeWalt's XR brushless motor technology which provides increased runtime, torque, and durability compared to brushed motors.

Key features and specs:

  • Max torque of 300 ft-lb breakaway and 250 ft-lb nut-busting torque
  • Variable speed trigger with 0-2,400 RPM and 0-3,250 IPM
  • 1/2" hog ring anvil for use with impact sockets
  • Compact and lightweight at only 2.8 lbs
  • LED work light to illuminate dark spaces
  • Battery fuel gauge displays charge level
  • Comes with (2) 2.0 Ah lithium ion batteries and charger
  • 3 year limited warranty

The high torque output makes this impact wrench well-suited for automotive repair jobs as well as general fastening tasks that require a lot of power. It's a great choice for mechanics, automotive technicians, maintenance crews, and DIYers. The DeWalt DCF922D2T stands out with its brushless motor that provides more power, longer runtime, and increased durability compared to brushed motors. This makes it ideal for professionals who use their tools all day as well as weekend warriors tackling projects around the house.

Another top cordless impact wrench choice is the DeWalt DCF899P2-GB High Torque Impact Wrench. This heavy duty 18V model delivers up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque, making it one of the most powerful cordless impact wrenches on the market. It utilizes the same efficient brushless motor as the DCF922D2T but steps up the power and performance. The DCF899P2-GB comes equipped with a detent pin for easy socket changes and has 3 speed settings for optimum control. With best-in-class torque and IPM, this impact wrench can power through even the toughest bolts with ease. It's the perfect choice for automotive technicians, fleet maintenance, and industrial fastening applications where maximum power is needed.

When choosing between the DeWalt DCF922D2T and DCF899P2-GB, the key factors are power and budget. The DCF899P2-GB offers nearly double the torque at 700 ft-lbs but comes at a higher price point. The DCF922D2T provides ample torque for most automotive jobs at a more budget-friendly cost. Both utilize brushless motors for increased efficiency and durability. For home mechanics or DIYers, the DCF922D2T will likely provide all the power needed at a great value. Professional automotive techs or those working in industrial settings may benefit from stepping up to the max torque DCF899P2-GB.


The DeWalt DCF922D2T features a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces. It weighs only 3.4 lbs with the battery installed, allowing prolonged use without fatigue.

Despite its small size, the grip is comfortable with rubber overmold that provides a secure hold. The handle has an optimal diameter and texturing to fit nicely in your hand. There's ample room for large gloves if needed.

The short 5.9 inch head length paired with the inline grip helps bring the tool's weight closer to your body. This improves the center of gravity and reduces strain on your arms when working overhead or in awkward positions.

Balance is excellent with the battery inserted. The tool doesn't feel excessively top or bottom heavy. It rests comfortably in your hand without the need to constantly adjust your grip to compensate.

Overall, the ergonomic design and smart weight distribution of the DCF922D2T make it a pleasure to use, even for extended periods. The compact size doesn't sacrifice comfort or balance.

The DCF922D2T's compact and lightweight design makes it versatile for use in a wide range of applications. Its small size allows access into tight spaces that larger impact drivers can't reach. However, the DeWalt DCF892N offers even more power and torque in a compact design. The DCF892N generates up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque while weighing only 7.2 lbs. It combines extreme power and portability.

While not as small as the DCF922D2T, the DCF892N's ergonomic grip provides outstanding control and comfort. Its steel reinforced housing withstands jobsite abuse. For heavy duty automotive or truck repair, the DCF892N can't be beat. It blends brute strength and a nimble profile.

When working in extremely tight quarters where maneuverability is paramount, the DCF922D2T's tiny footprint has the advantage. But for most tasks, the DCF892N strikes the ideal balance of power, comfort, and versatility. It can power through lug nuts, bolts, and other stubborn fasteners while fitting into reasonably tight spaces.

In summary, the DCF922D2T's clever compact design makes it a delight to handle. Yet the DCF892N adds more ruggedness and torque output in a still highly portable package. Consider your specific needs to choose between these two excellent impact drivers.

Power and Performance

The DeWalt DCF922D2T impact wrench is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that delivers up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque and 1800 IPM. This high torque allows you to easily loosen even the most stubborn bolts and lug nuts.

The brushless motor is also very efficient and provides more runtime compared to brushed motors. It generates less heat and requires less maintenance as there are no brushes to wear out over time.

In terms of speed, the DCF922D2T has 3 speed settings that let you dial in the right amount of power for the application. On the lowest setting, it delivers 0-1000 RPM which is great for precision work. On the middle setting, it provides 0-2600 RPM. But where this tool really shines is the top speed setting of 0-3200 RPM which enables you to power through all sorts of automotive and construction bolting tasks.

The 3-speed all-metal transmission is sturdy and built to handle the high torque output of the motor without any issues. The variable speed trigger gives you complete control over the speed and impact rate.

Overall, the performance specs of the DCF922D2T make it one of the most powerful and fastest 1/2" impact wrenches in its class. It has all the power and speed professionals need for their heavy-duty fastening applications.

Battery and Charger

The DeWalt DCF922D2T comes with two 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery packs. These lithium-ion batteries offer long runtimes and durability.

Each battery has a 20V maximum voltage and 2.0 Ah capacity, giving you plenty of power for demanding applications. The batteries use DeWalt's Fuel Gauge technology to display remaining runtime, ensuring you know when it's time to swap out the battery.

For charging, the impact wrench includes a DCB115 fast charger that can fully charge a battery in about 60 minutes. This rapid charge time allows you to get back to work quickly. The charger plugs into AC outlets and has indicator lights to show charging status.

With two powerful 20V MAX batteries and a fast charger included, you'll have everything needed to tackle projects without running out of juice. The batteries deliver ample runtime for most users' needs. And when it's time to recharge, the batteries can be topped up in just an hour with the included rapid charger.


The DeWalt DCF922D2T impact wrench is built to last on job sites and in garages. The durable housing is made from a lightweight yet sturdy composite material that can withstand drops and bangs.

It has an IP56 dust/water resistance rating, meaning it is protected from limited dust ingress as well as high pressure water jets from any direction. The motor and internal components are sealed to operate in dusty and wet conditions.

You can count on the DCF922D2T to keep running even after taking some abuse. The battery pack locks into place securely. The tool won't break if accidentally dropped. Overall the impact wrench is designed for longevity and rugged use.

Noise Level

The DeWalt DCF922D2T impact wrench operates at a noise level of 86 dBa, which is typical for an 18V cordless impact wrench. The brushless motor helps reduce noise compared to brushed motors.

Noise levels can vary depending on the application, but this model runs quieter than the older DCF899 at around 80-90 dBa under load. It's comparable to other leading 18V models like the Milwaukee 2767-20 at 86 dBa and the Makita XWT11Z at 84 dBa.

The noise is noticeable but not overbearing. It's a high-pitched whine that you'd expect from a compact high torque wrench. Wearing ear protection is recommended for prolonged use. The noise level is reasonable for automotive and construction sites where ambient noise is already high.


The DeWalt DCF922D2T comes with 2 x 2.0Ah 20V MAX Lithium Ion batteries and a charger which provides versatility and extended run time. With the 20V MAX system, you have the flexibility to use a wide range of batteries and chargers across DeWalt's power tool line.

In the box you get:

  • 2 x 2.0Ah 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery Packs
  • 1 x Fast Charger
  • Belt hook
  • Contractor bag

Some handy optional accessories you can add on include:

  • FlexTorq Impact Duty 1/2" Drive Socket Set - for common fastening and repair jobs
  • Right Angle Attachment - allows access in tight spaces
  • Extended Battery Packs - for even longer runtime between charges

So you have room to grow and expand as needed for different applications. Overall the DCF922D2T comes well equipped for most tasks out of the box.

Pros and Cons

The DeWalt DCF922D2T XR 18V impact wrench has many advantages that make it a top choice for automotive and heavy duty fastening applications.


  • Powerful brushless motor provides excellent torque up to 700 ft-lbs for efficient fastening and loosening of bolts
  • Compact and lightweight design increases maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Variable speed trigger gives user precise control over power and speed
  • LED light illuminates work area for improved visibility
  • Durable magnesium gear case and steel transmission for long tool life
  • Uses DeWalt XR Li-ion batteries for longer runtime vs standard packs
  • Fast charger replenishes battery pack in under 60 minutes


  • High initial cost may put it out of reach for some home DIYers
  • Loud noise level at full power can be unpleasant without hearing protection
  • Battery and charger sold separately adds to total cost
  • May be overpowered for light duty automotive work
  • No fuel gauge on tool to indicate remaining battery level


The DeWalt DCF922D2T is an excellent cordless impact wrench that delivers powerful torque and speed for automotive and heavy duty fastening applications. Its compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable for extended use. With 800 ft-lbs of max torque, it can easily loosen even the most stubborn bolts and lug nuts.

The brushless motor provides improved runtime, more power and speed than brushed motors. It has 3 speed/torque settings to match the power to the application. An LED light illuminates dark work areas.

The 2.0Ah batteries deliver decent runtime per charge. They use DeWalt's slide-on 20V MAX battery system for quick changes. The charger fully charges the batteries in under an hour.

This impact wrench is very durable thanks to its all-metal transmission and reinforced housing. It can withstand job site abuse and drops. At 86 dBa, it has lower noise levels than comparable models.

In terms of accessories, it comes with a contractor bag for storage and organization. You can purchase additional batteries to extend runtime.

Overall, the DeWalt DCF922D2T is highly recommended for automotive mechanics, fleet maintenance, and anyone requiring high torque for lug nuts, bolts, and other heavy duty fasteners. Its power, compact size, and runtime make it an excellent choice for professionals and DIYers alike.

More Information

Features of DEWALT DCF922D2T XR BL 1/2in Impact Wrench 18V 2 x 2.0Ah Li-ion
Part Number‎DEWDCF922D2T
Power Source‎AC
Product Dimensions‎44 x 35 x 12 cm; 3.96 Kilograms
Voltage‎18 Volts
Maximum Rotational Speed1970 RPM
Power SourceAC
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎No
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium
Included Components‎DCF922D2T XR BL 1/2in Impact Wrench 18V 2 x 2.0Ah Li-ion
Item Weight‎3.96 kg

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