Full Review ⭐ Kielder KWT-012-83: 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" Mid Torque Impact Wrench, 1 x...

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Full Review ⭐ Kielder KWT-012-83: 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" Mid Torque Impact Wrench, 1 x 4.0Ah TYPE18 Li-ion Battery and Charger

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Price: £167.38
Brand: Kielder
Part Number: ‎KWT-012-83
Power Source: ‎Battery-Powered
Product Dimensions: ‎17.8 x 7.8 x 25.2 cm; 3 Kilograms
Torque: ‎700 Newton Meters
Voltage: ‎18 Volts
Manufacturer: ‎Kielder
Batteries Included?: ‎Yes
Batteries Required?: ‎Yes
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion
Included Components: ‎Charger
Item Weight: ‎3 kg

Review and analysis

The Kielder KWT-012-83 is an 18V cordless 1/2" mid-torque impact wrench designed for automotive and trade applications. This model features a compact yet powerful brushless motor for high performance and long runtime. It's part of Kielder's TYPE18 line of professional power tools that utilize an 18V lithium-ion battery system.

The KWT-012-83 comes as a kit that includes the impact wrench itself, a 4.0Ah TYPE18 battery, and a charger. With its mid-torque impacting, this tool is intended for tasks like loosening and tightening lug nuts as well as general automotive repair and maintenance. Its relatively small size makes it versatile for use in tight spaces. This review will examine the key features and performance of the KWT-012-83 to help determine how it stacks up for mechanics and DIYers.


The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench is a powerful 18V cordless tool designed for automotive and construction applications. Here are the key specifications:

  • Voltage: 18V
  • Torque: 300 Nm (Newton meters) of max torque and 200 Nm of working torque
  • Speed: 0-2900 RPM variable speed trigger
  • Weight: 1.95 kg with battery
  • Dimensions: 160mm length x 82mm height x 244mm width

The 18V motor provides sufficient power for most bolting applications, with a max fastening torque of 300Nm which is enough to loosen even corroded bolts. The variable speed trigger gives you control over the speed up to 2900 RPM. At just under 2kg with the battery inserted, this is a lightweight and maneuverable impact wrench. The dimensions make it easy to use in tight spaces.

For even more power, Kielder also offers the Kielder KWT-040-01: 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" 400Nm Ultra Compact Impact Wrench Kit. This upgraded model delivers an incredible 400 Nm of max torque while still maintaining a compact and lightweight design. The brushless motor provides more power, runtime, and durability compared to standard motors. With the ability to generate over 500 ft-lbs of nut busting torque, this impact wrench can handle even the most stubborn bolts and fasteners. The variable speed trigger allows you to dial in just the right amount of torque for the job. At only 1.4kg, it reduces user fatigue during extended use. If you need an ultra-compact but extremely powerful impact wrench, the Kielder KWT-040-01 is an excellent choice.

The KWT-012-83 provides a good blend of power, size, and value for most users. But for automotive mechanics, industrial maintenance, and construction crews who regularly work with large fasteners, the extra torque and performance of the KWT-040-01 brushless model can be worthwhile. Kielder offers impact wrenches to suit both casual and professional use.


The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench features an ergonomic and compact design that promotes ease of use and handling. Despite its small size, the tool feels sturdy and well-balanced in hand thanks to its durable composite housing.

The grip area is coated in a soft rubber material that provides a comfortable and secure hold, even when wearing gloves or working with oily hands. The textured grip helps prevent slippage and allows you to get a firm grasp on the tool.

Overall, the impact wrench has a lightweight but robust build quality. At only 2.2 lbs, it avoids user fatigue during prolonged use. The compact 6.7 inch length allows you to fit into tight spaces and work at awkward angles.

The streamlined contours and lack of snag points promote maneuverability. You can comfortably hold the wrench in various positions without any sharp edges digging into your hand.

Despite the small footprint, the tool's proportions feel natural. The balance between the head, battery, and handle makes the impact wrench easy to control and prevents the weight from feeling too top-heavy.

If you need even more power in a similar form factor, check out the Kielder KWT-180-06. This 18v cordless impact wrench delivers a hefty 850 Nm of max torque while weighing only 1.95 kg. It uses Kielder's powerful TYPE18 brushless motor for long-lasting performance and speedy application of torque. The 1/2" anvil is versatile for lug nuts and other common bolts.

Like the KWT-012-83, the KWT-180-06 features an ergonomic grip and compact dimensions. At only 169mm long, it fits into engine bays and other tight areas. The rubberized grip gives you a secure hold to counteract the high torque reaction forces. An integrated LED light illuminates your work area.

This bare unit comes without a battery or charger. But it's compatible with all Kielder 18v batteries so you can use your existing packs or invest in higher capacity options. It's a great choice if you need a hard-hitting fastening tool that won't weigh you down or cause hand fatigue.

Motor & Impacts

The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench features a powerful 18V brushless motor that delivers up to 250Nm of max torque and 3,200 impacts per minute. The brushless motor provides more power, runtime and durability compared to brushed motors. It has no brushes to wear out over time so it can handle heavy-duty use.

The high impacts per minute allow for quick removal and tightening of bolts and other fasteners. At 3,200 IPM, it can drive and remove fasteners much quicker than hand tools. The impacts also help prevent overtightening and fastener damage compared to continuous torque from drill/drivers.

The motor delivers its power efficiently for longer runtime. Brushless tools in general are more energy efficient than brushed. And the 4.0Ah battery gives longer life between charges when working on projects.

Overall, the Kielder impact offers pro-grade power from its efficient brushless motor. It delivers high torque and IPM for automotive and construction fastening tasks.

Battery Life

The Kielder KWT-012-83 comes with a powerful 4.0Ah 18V Lithium-Ion battery. This battery capacity provides ample runtime for most DIY and professional use. Users report getting through several days of medium to heavy use on a single charge.

The high capacity battery enables longer continuous runtime between charges. Where smaller batteries may lose power in the middle of a big job, this 4.0Ah battery will keep going strong. Many users highlight the long runtime as a major plus.

Charging the battery is quick and convenient with the included rapid charger. The battery can be fully recharged from empty in around 60 minutes. This short charge time minimizes downtime between tasks. The charger plugs into any standard wall outlet.

Overall, the large 4.0Ah battery capacity provides extended runtime to maximize work time between charges. And the rapid charger replenishes the battery quickly when needed. Runtime and charge time are two big advantages of this impact wrench kit.

Power & Torque

The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench delivers impressive power and torque for an 18V tool. It has a brushless motor that generates up to 250 Nm of max torque and 3400 impacts per minute. This is more than enough for driving and removing most automotive lug nuts and bolts.

In testing, the KWT-012-83 has proven capable of consistently achieving its rated torque. The torque output remains consistent even at low battery charge. It provides sufficient power for automotive repair and maintenance tasks like tire changes and brake pad replacements.

The impact mechanism generates a high amount of torque in short bursts. This allows the tool to break loose even rusted or stuck bolts. Once loosened, the torque can be dialed down for more precision control. This combination of power and control makes the KWT-012-83 versatile for various bolting applications.

Overall, the power and torque output of this impact wrench punches above its 18V weight class. It's a great choice for home mechanics or professionals who need portable, cordless impact power.

Anvil and Socket Retention

The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench comes with a 1/2" square friction ring anvil, which provides solid socket retention while allowing quick and easy socket changes.

The friction ring holds sockets securely in place during high torque fastening applications. To remove a socket, simply pull it straight off the anvil without needing to depress a detent pin. This makes switching between different socket sizes fast and convenient.

The 1/2" anvil is a standard size that will fit most medium and heavy duty impact sockets. It provides sufficient grip and contact area for high torque transfer without slippage. The chrome finish on the anvil also helps reduce wear over time.

Overall, the friction ring anvil with 1/2" drive size is an ideal design for convenience and durability when working with sockets. It's a hassle-free system that gets the job done.


The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench has an ergonomic rubber overmolded handle with a variable speed trigger that allows you to dial in just the right amount of torque. The trigger has a lock-on button so you can keep the tool running without holding down the trigger for continuous operation.

There is a 3-speed power selection switch which lets you choose between 400, 1200, and 1900 RPM. This allows you to match the speed to the job, using lower speeds for high torque fastening and higher speeds when you need faster performance. The lower speeds help prevent overtightening and damage to fasteners.

A convenient forward/reverse selector switch makes it easy to loosen stubborn bolts or change directions without readjusting your grip. The wrench defaults to forward rotation when you pull the trigger.

Overall, the control layout is well designed for comfort and efficient use. The variable speed trigger gives you precise speed control, while the speed settings and forward/reverse switch enhance the tool's versatility for different fastening tasks.


Included Accessories

The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench comes with a few handy accessories to get you started.

In the box, you'll find:

  • 4.0Ah 18V Li-ion battery - This high capacity battery provides extended runtime. It uses advanced lithium-ion cells for consistent power output, with no memory effect or self-discharge.

  • Rapid charger - The included rapid charger can fully recharge the 4.0Ah battery in about 60 minutes. This allows you to get back to work quickly.

  • Belt clip - A sturdy metal belt clip is included to keep the impact wrench handy. You can easily attach it to your tool belt for convenient access.

  • Blow mold case - For storage and transport, a durable plastic case is provided. The case has custom cutouts for the impact, battery, and charger.

  • Hex shank adapter - To use standard 1/2" sockets, a 1/2" hex shank adapter is included. This allows bits to be changed quickly without fumbling with anvil sockets.

The Kielder impact wrench comes with the essential accessories you'll need to start using this tool right out of the box. The included battery, charger, belt clip, and case provide convenience and portability.

Pros & Cons

The Kielder KWT-012-83 impact wrench offers many advantages but also has some drawbacks to consider.


  • Powerful 18V brushless motor provides high torque and efficiency
  • 1/2" anvil size allows use with common socket sizes
  • Compact and lightweight design improves maneuverability
  • Variable speed trigger gives control over power and precision
  • Decent battery life from included 4.0Ah battery
  • Sockets lock securely on anvil for safety
  • Comes with charger, battery, and carry case for convenience


  • Lacks power for heavy-duty bolting applications
  • Plastic housing feels cheaper than metal alternatives
  • Only includes one battery so runtime is limited
  • No belt clip for easy portability
  • Chuck wobbles more than higher end models
  • LED light is dim and narrowly focused

Overall, the Kielder KWT-012-83 is a reasonably priced cordless impact wrench suited for DIYers and home mechanics looking for moderate torque in a compact size. It handles most common tasks but lacks the power for heavy equipment bolting. The included battery and case make it a good value, though build quality falls short of pro-grade models. For light automotive work it's a capable budget-friendly choice.

More Information

Features of Kielder KWT-012-83 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" Mid Torque Impact Wrench, 1 x 4.0Ah TYPE18 Li-ion Battery and Charger
Part Number‎KWT-012-83
Power Source‎Battery-Powered
Product Dimensions‎17.8 x 7.8 x 25.2 cm; 3 Kilograms
Torque‎700 Newton Meters
Voltage‎18 Volts
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion
Included Components‎Charger
Item Weight‎3 kg

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Batteries Included?‎Yes‎Yes‎No‎Yes‎No‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes‎No‎Yes‎Yes‎Yes‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium‎Lithium Ion-
Included Components‎Impact Wrench, Batteries, Charger, Impact Sockets, Case‎Sockets, Batteries, Charger, Case‎Impact Driver‎Impact Wrench, Battery, Charger, Case‎Impact Wrench‎Impact Wrench
Item Weight‎2.2 kg‎4.8 kg‎1.1 kg‎3.3 kg‎1.7 kg‎3.35 kg

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