Full Review ⭐ Kielder KWT-085-06: 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" 1790Nm High Torque Impact Wrench...

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Full Review ⭐ Kielder KWT-085-06: 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" 1790Nm High Torque Impact Wrench TYPE18 Bare Unit

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Price: £152.63
Brand: Kielder
Material: ‎Metal
Part Number: ‎KWT-085-06
Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
Product Dimensions: ‎19.7 x 8.9 x 28.1 cm; 3.35 Kilograms
Torque: ‎1050 Newton Meters
Manufacturer: ‎Kielder
Batteries Included?: ‎No
Batteries Required?: ‎Yes
Included Components: ‎Impact Wrench
Item Weight: ‎3.35 kg

Review and analysis

Impact wrenches are power tools designed to deliver high torque output in short bursts for tasks like loosening stubborn bolts and nuts. They utilize compressed air or electric motors to generate rotational impacts that can loosen fasteners more easily than using manual tools.

The Kielder KWT-085-06 is a battery-powered cordless impact wrench that runs on an 18V lithium-ion battery. Cordless impact wrenches provide the convenience of mobility without the need for a pneumatic air hose or power cord. They are commonly used by automotive mechanics as well as DIYers for automotive repair and projects around the home.

The Kielder KWT-085-06 offers powerful torque in a compact and lightweight design. Read on for an overview of its key features and performance.

Overview of the Kielder KWT-085-06

The Kielder KWT-085-06 is an 18V brushless cordless 1/2" impact wrench that delivers up to 1790 Nm of maximum torque output. This high-performance tool features Kielder's powerful TYPE18 brushless motor that provides efficient power while generating less heat and noise compared to brushed motors.

The KWT-085-06 is designed with a durable 1/2" anvil with pin-detent, allowing you to easily change sockets during automotive repair jobs where high torque is needed for lug nuts, suspension components, and other stubborn fasteners. With its impressive torque capabilities, this impact wrench can generate the rotational force required for most heavy-duty applications.

One of the key benefits of the KWT-085-06 is its compact and lightweight design. Weighing only 2.5 kg with battery, this cordless impact wrench provides exceptional power-to-weight ratio. The streamlined grip and balanced handling make it comfortable for extended use. An integrated LED light illuminates dark work areas.

For maximum productivity, the KWT-085-06 features Kielder's intelligent speed and torque control that automatically adjusts the output based on resistance from the fastener. This allows you to get the job done faster without overtightening. The tool also has variable speed control with 0-2800 RPM no load speed.

The KWT-085-06 is part of Kielder's professional grade 18V cordless power tool system. It is compatible with the full range of TYPE18 Li-ion batteries from 1.5Ah to 6.0Ah for extended runtime. For maximum convenience, the Kielder KWT-180-83: 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2 850Nm Mid Torque Impact Wrench comes supplied as a kit with 1 x 4.0Ah TYPE18 Li-ion Battery and Charger.

With unmatched performance, innovative features and Kielder's signature ergonomic design, the KWT-085-06 impact wrench delivers the power and runtime professionals need to make quick work of the most demanding fastening jobs.

Kielder backs this tool with a comprehensive 3 year warranty for peace of mind. Contact your local authorized dealer to learn more about the KWT-085-06 and other products in Kielder's range of high-performance 18V cordless power tools.


The Kielder KWT-085-06 impact wrench features a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces. Despite its small size, the tool is durably constructed with a robust all-metal gear housing that provides the strength needed for heavy-duty fastening applications.

Weighing only 2.5kg with battery, the KWT-085-06 is one of the lightest 18V impact wrenches available. This reduces fatigue when using the tool for extended periods. The compact 6.7 inch length allows users to fit their hand entirely around the tool for maximum control.

An ergonomic rubber overmold grip enhances comfort and reduces hand strain during use. This is an important feature for a high torque impact wrench that will see repetitive heavy work.

The lightweight but sturdy aluminum alloy housing resists job site damage from drops or impacts while keeping the tool portable. Overall, the design balances power, durability and maneuverability for professional use.

For users who need an even more compact and lightweight impact wrench, Kielder offers the KWT-040-06 model. Weighing just 1.5kg, the KWT-040-06 is one of the most portable 18V impact wrenches on the market. It provides an impressive 400Nm of max torque output despite its small size.

The KWT-040-06 features the same durable aluminum alloy housing as the KWT-085-06. It also includes an ergonomic rubberized grip for control and comfort. At just 5.5 inches long, it can fit into the tightest engine bays and machine compartments.

With 210mm length, the KWT-040-06 has a super short head design. This allows for unobstructed access and visibility when working in confined areas. The compact head profile is combined with a slim body for excellent maneuverability.

Weighing nearly 1kg less than the KWT-085-06, the KWT-040-06 delivers incredible power while reducing strain on the user. Contractors who regularly work in cramped spaces will appreciate the easy handling. The lightweight build is also great for overhead tasks.

Despite its small size, the KWT-040-06 still produces an impressive 400Nm of max torque. This high power output makes it suitable for most professional fastening jobs. From automotive repair to machinery maintenance, the KWT-040-06 provides the strength needed to drive large fasteners.

With its ultra-compact dimensions and low weight, the KWT-040-06 impact wrench is designed for unmatched portability and ease of use. For professionals who regularly work in tight spaces, it delivers impressive power in an incredibly small, maneuverable package.

Power and Performance

The Kielder KWT-085-06 impact wrench delivers impressive power and performance for heavy duty fastening applications. It's equipped with a powerful 18V brushless motor that produces a max torque of 1790Nm, allowing it to easily drive and remove large fasteners like lug nuts, bolts, and screws.

The high torque output makes this impact wrench well-suited for automotive repair, construction, machinery maintenance, and any other tasks that require tightening or loosening stubborn, corroded, or over-torqued fasteners. The heavy duty impact mechanism generates the necessary striking rotational force to break loose even rusted bolts with ease.

Four speed and torque settings allow you to match the power delivery to the task at hand. The lower settings are great for smaller jobs to help avoid overtightening, while the highest setting unleashes the tool's full torque for the toughest fastening challenges. An LED light indicates the selected speed setting.

With its robust power and high torque capabilities, the KWT-085-06 can tackle demanding fastening jobs where high rotational force is needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This makes it a versatile power tool for professionals and DIYers alike.

Battery and Charger

The Kielder KWT-085-06 comes as a bare unit without a battery or charger. This allows buyers to choose their preferred 18V battery system. Most users opt for 2.0Ah or higher capacity batteries to maximize runtime. Higher capacity 4.0Ah+ batteries will provide longer continuous runtime but add weight.

For chargers, Kielder recommends a fast charger that can fully charge an 18V 2.0Ah battery in 30-40 minutes. This enables users to minimize downtime between tasks. Standard chargers take 60-90 minutes for a full charge. Fast chargers do cost more but the time savings can be worth it for professionals using the tool frequently.

When purchasing batteries, keep in mind that higher capacity batteries will require longer charging times regardless of the charger used. For example, a 4.0Ah battery may need 60-90 minutes to fully charge even on a fast charger designed for 2.0-3.0Ah batteries. Check manufacturer guidelines for optimal pairings of battery capacity and charger output.

Comfort and Handling

The Kielder KWT-085-06 impact wrench is designed with user comfort and handling in mind. It has an ergonomic grip that allows you to hold and control the tool comfortably, even when using it for extended periods.

The grip is made of a soft rubber material that molds nicely to your hand. It has textured areas that provide extra grip, preventing slippage. Many users mention how the ergonomic shape makes the impact wrench easy to hold in different positions.

In addition to the comfortable grip, the KWT-085-06 generates very low vibration levels during use. Impact wrenches naturally vibrate as they deliver torque to loosen bolts. However, Kielder engineered this model to minimize vibrations felt in the hand. This greatly reduces hand and arm fatigue when using the tool repeatedly or for long work sessions. The low vibration allows you to maintain control and accuracy as you work.

Overall, the ergonomic grip design and vibration damping give the Kielder KWT-085-06 excellent comfort and handling capabilities. Your hand stays relaxed yet firmly in control, even during demanding automotive or construction jobs. This makes the impact wrench a pleasure to operate.

Noise Level

The Kielder KWT-085-06 is a relatively quiet impact wrench for its power output. It produces around 86 decibels of noise at max power, which is comparable to the noise level of a food blender or garbage disposal. The brushless motor design helps minimize noise and vibration during operation.

While not whisper quiet, the noise output is reasonable for a high torque impact wrench. It shouldn't be painfully loud to operate even without hearing protection. However, for extended use, ear plugs or muffs are still recommended to protect your hearing. The noise is mostly the mechanical sound of the hammering action, rather than an irritating high-pitched whine.

Overall, the noise level allows you to use the KWT-085-06 comfortably without disturbing others too much. It strikes a good balance between power and noise output. If you require an ultra-quiet impact wrench, consider an air impact wrench which can be quieter but less portable. For most users, the noise produced by the Kielder will be acceptable for garage and workshop use.


The Kielder KWT-085-06 comes with some handy accessories right out of the box. Here's what's included:

  • The impact wrench itself
  • An 18V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • A fast charger
  • A blow mold case for storage and transport

This covers the basics you'll need to start using the impact wrench. The included 2.0Ah battery provides decent runtime, though heavy users may want to invest in a higher capacity 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah battery for extended use.

Kielder offers larger batteries as optional add-ons to increase runtime. They also sell an impact socket set to give you a range of socket sizes for different jobs. Some other handy optional accessories are an impact extension bar for reaching tight spaces and a belt clip for convenient carrying.

So while the KWT-085-06 comes well-equipped out of the box, Kielder has additional battery and accessory options available for purchase to expand its capabilities. The standard included accessories are enough for most users to get started.


The Kielder KWT-085-06 impact wrench has several advantages that make it a great choice for automotive and construction projects:

  • Compact and lightweight design: Weighing only 1.5kg, this impact wrench is compact and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Its small size allows you to access hard-to-reach areas.

  • High torque output: With a maximum torque of 1790Nm, this tool packs a serious punch. It provides more than enough power for most automotive lug nuts and bolts, even on large trucks. The brushless motor delivers efficient power transfer.

  • Fast charging battery: The 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery fully charges in just 45 minutes, so you can get back to work quickly. The battery fuel gauge lets you monitor remaining runtime.

  • Ergonomic grip: The rubberized grip feels comfortable, even when using the tool for extended periods. The grip absorbs vibration and allows you to get a solid hold. The forward/reverse switch is conveniently located for easy thumb operation.


The Kielder KWT-085-06 impact wrench does have some drawbacks to consider.

Noisy Operation

One of the main complaints with the KWT-085-06 is that it can be quite noisy during operation. Impact wrenches are inherently loud tools due to the hammering action, and this model is no exception. Users report noise levels around 90 dB, which is enough to require hearing protection for extended use. If you'll be using the tool a lot, the noise could become an annoyance over time.

Unknown Battery Life

Kielder doesn't specify the expected battery life for the KWT-085-06. For a high torque cordless tool, battery life is a key factor in performance and usability. With the battery specs unknown, it's difficult to tell how long it will last on a single charge, especially under heavy daily use. More testing would be required to determine real-world battery life. Short battery life could be frustrating for users who need to frequently stop to recharge.

Overall, the loud operation and uncertain battery life are two downsides to weigh when considering this impact wrench. While it delivers on power, factors like noise and battery longevity remain unclear.

More Information

Features of Kielder KWT-085-06 18v Brushless Cordless 1/2" 1790Nm High Torque Impact Wrench TYPE18 Bare Unit
Part Number‎KWT-085-06
Power Source‎Battery Powered
Product Dimensions‎19.7 x 8.9 x 28.1 cm; 3.35 Kilograms
Torque‎1050 Newton Meters
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Included Components‎Impact Wrench
Item Weight‎3.35 kg

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Amperage4 Amps--2 Amps--
Batteries Included?‎Yes‎Yes‎Yes‎No‎Yes‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes‎Yes‎No‎Yes‎Yes‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium‎Lithium Ion
Included Components‎Impact Wrench, Batteries, Charger, Impact Sockets, Case‎Charger‎Sockets, Batteries, Charger, Case‎Impact Driver‎Impact Wrench, Battery, Charger, Case‎Impact Wrench
Item Weight‎2.2 kg‎3 kg‎4.8 kg‎1.1 kg‎3.3 kg‎1.7 kg

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