Full Review ⭐ Makita TW141DZ: 12V Max Li-Ion CXT Impact Wrench - Batteries and Charger Not...

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Full Review ⭐ Makita TW141DZ: 12V Max Li-Ion CXT Impact Wrench - Batteries and Charger Not Included

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Price: £61.15
Brand: Makita
Material: ‎Aluminium
Part Number: ‎TW141DZ
Power Source: ‎Battery
Product Dimensions: ‎16.8 x 6.6 x 20.5 cm; 866.36 Grams
Torque: ‎270 Newton Meters
Voltage: ‎12 Volts
Manufacturer: ‎Makita
Batteries Included?: ‎No
Batteries Required?: ‎Yes
Battery Cell Type: ‎Lithium Ion
Battery Description: ‎Not Included
Colour: ‎Blue
Included Components: ‎1 x Makita TW141DZ
Item Weight: ‎866 g

Review and analysis

Makita is one of the leading power tool manufacturers, known for making high-quality and innovative products. The TW141DZ is one of their 12V Max line of compact cordless impact wrenches. This lightweight but powerful tool delivers 120 ft-lbs of max torque, with variable speed settings from 0-2,600 RPM.

An impact wrench is a must-have for automotive repair and maintenance. The hammering action allows it to deliver tremendous amounts of torque to loosen even the most stubborn lug nuts and bolts. Impact wrenches make quick work of jobs like changing tires, brake service, suspension system repairs, and any tasks requiring removal of bolted parts. They are also indispensable for product assembly and disassembly in industrial settings.

The TW141DZ combines Makita's latest battery technology with a smooth, efficient impact mechanism in a tool weighing just 2.6 lbs. This pro-grade impact wrench packs impressive fastening and loosening capability while remaining comfortable and easy to handle. It's ideal for use in tight spaces and offers cordless convenience for mobile mechanics.

Design and Build Quality

The Makita TW141DZ is a compact and lightweight impact wrench made with a durable all-metal gear housing to withstand job site abuse. Weighing just 2.2 lbs with battery, it fits nicely in your hand for comfortable operation without tiring your arm.

Makita constructs the housing from a combination of metals like aluminum and steel for strength while keeping the weight manageable. The rubberized soft grip provides a secure and comfortable hold when operating the tool continuously.

Despite its small size, the impact wrench feels very solid and robust. The materials and construction give it a professional grade build quality that inspires confidence in its durability. Users report the TW141DZ holds up well to repeated drops and bangs around the work site.

The all-metal drivetrain ensures this is not a tool that will wear out quickly. As long as you take reasonable care of it, the TW141DZ should deliver years of reliable service before requiring any major repairs. The 3-year warranty provides peace of mind as well.

For those looking for even more power in a similar form factor, check out the Makita DTW190Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion 1/2" Impact Wrench. It packs significantly more torque at 740 ft-lbs yet still only weighs 2.9 lbs. The DTW190Z utilizes Makita's Extreme Protection Technology to seal and protect the motor and components from dust and moisture. It's ideal for automotive work as well as heavy fastening applications on the job site.

With best-in-class power-to-weight ratio, the DTW190Z makes a great upgrade if you need more torque without adding a lot of weight. It provides 50% more torque than the standard DTW180Z model. The 1/2" anvil accepts a wide range of socket sizes for versatility. Variable speed control gives you precision control over the output. Overall, the DTW190Z is engineered for performance and durability to tackle demanding jobs day after day.

Motor and Impact Mechanism

The Makita TW141DZ features a powerful 12V max motor that delivers impressive performance for a compact impact wrench. It has a no-load speed of 0-2,800 RPM and delivers 0-3,200 IPM for fast driving and removal of bolts and screws.

At the heart of the tool is a durable hammer and anvil impact mechanism that produces 141 ft-lbs of max torque. This high torque output makes the TW141DZ suitable for automotive repair jobs where stubborn bolts need to be broken loose. The hammer mechanism has been engineered for long life, with dual steel impact cones to withstand high stress use.

To prevent overtightening and stripping of fasteners, the TW141DZ has Makita's Assist Mode and Bolt Removal Mode. Assist Mode reduces speed/torque once the fastener is properly seated to prevent damage. Bolt Removal Mode provides only enough torque to loosen stubborn bolts without shearing them off. This gives users more control over the tightening and loosening process.

Overall, the motor and impact mechanism deliver pro-level power in a compact 12V platform that's ideal for tight spaces and increased control. The impact wrench can handle most tasks a mechanic will encounter, while the advanced features help prevent mistakes.

For even more power and performance, Makita offers the Makita TW001GZ impact wrench. This model runs on Makita's 40V Max XGT battery system and delivers a massive 1,280 ft-lbs of max torque. It uses advanced brushless motor technology for longer runtime and more efficiency.

The TW001GZ has a variable speed trigger that allows the user to control speed and torque for precision fastening. There are also three power modes to choose from depending on the application. Mode 1 is for tightening small fasteners, Mode 2 for most bolts, and Mode 3 delivers maximum torque for the toughest jobs.

A key benefit of the Makita XGT system is the batteries are interchangeable with dozens of Makita tools that use the 40V Max platform. This makes it easy to standardize on one battery system for all your cordless tools, instead of having multiple chargers and battery types.

Makita XGT tools have Star Protection Computer Controls to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. This helps extend battery life for more recharges over the lifetime of the pack. The batteries can also operate down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit for use in cold weather.

With 1,280 ft-lbs of max torque, the Makita TW001GZ impact wrench packs far more power than the 141 ft-lbs of the TW141DZ. For heavy duty automotive work, truck and equipment repair, and industrial applications, the TW001GZ is a high performance cordless solution.

Of course, there is a trade-off in terms of size and weight. The 12V TW141DZ weighs only 2.8 lbs with battery, while the 40V XGT version tips the scales at 7.9 lbs. The additional power comes at the cost of increased bulk. Users have to decide if they need ultra-compact size or more torque for difficult jobs.

Both Makita impact wrenches deliver excellent performance and features. The TW141DZ is ideal for tight spaces and basic automotive repair. When extreme torque is required, the TW001GZ has the brute strength to power through the toughest bolts.

Batteries and Charging

The Makita TW141DZ impact wrench is powered by Makita's 12V Max Li-Ion battery packs, sold separately. It is compatible with Makita's BL1013, BL1015, BL1021B, and BL1041B battery packs which offer capacities ranging from 1.3Ah to 4.0Ah.

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the runtime you can expect from the impact wrench before needing to recharge. Makita estimates the runtime per charge to be around 440 bolts driving 3/8” lag screws with a 2.0Ah battery pack. Real world runtimes will vary depending on the task.

For charging, the TW141DZ is compatible with Makita's 12V Max chargers including the DC10WD, DC10WA, and DC10WB. These chargers are relatively fast, able to charge a 1.5Ah battery pack in just 15-20 minutes. Larger capacity packs like the 4.0Ah BL1041B will take about 45 minutes to reach a full charge. The charger can either plug into an AC outlet or be powered from a vehicle's 12V accessory socket when working in the field.

Operation and Controls

The Makita TW141DZ has an ergonomic handle with rubberized grip to provide comfort during prolonged use. The trigger switch allows variable speed control, so you can match the speed to the task at hand. There's also a forward/reverse selector so you can quickly switch directions without changing grip.

A built-in LED light illuminates the work area to help see when working in dimly lit spaces. The light has an independent on/off switch.

The impact wrench has a belt clip for convenient storage when moving around the job site. An assist handle provides better control and allows you to use your body weight when driving large fasteners.

There is no battery fuel gauge, but the tool has Makita's Extreme Protection Technology to protect it from dust and moisture. The impact wrench seems thoughtfully designed for real world use.

Noise Levels

The Makita TW141DZ impact wrench operates at a reasonable noise level, making it suitable for extended use. During operation, it produces around 81 decibels of sound. This is comparable to other 12V impact wrenches in this class. While not whisper quiet, the noise won't be overly aggravating for the user or others in the vicinity.

Makita has implemented some noise dampening features to make the tool more pleasant to use. The housing utilizes protective rubber bumpers to reduce vibration and sound. There is also a built-in silencer that directs the exhaust air and minimizes noise. The impact mechanism itself is optimized to keep clatter to a minimum during tightening and loosening of bolts. Overall, the noise output is sufficient for worksite use without needing ear protection for short-term operation. Those using the tool for prolonged periods may want to utilize ear muffs for additional sound dampening.


The Makita TW141DZ comes with a belt clip for convenient storage when not in use. This allows the user to keep the impact wrench close at hand for quick access.

Some other compatible accessories that can be purchased separately include:

  • Makita rapid optimum charger - This can charge the batteries in as little as 15 minutes so you spend less time waiting and more time working.

  • Makita 18V Lithium-Ion battery - Additional batteries allow for continuous work by having one charge while using the other.

  • Makita impact wrench case - A sturdy case provides safe storage and transport of the tool. The case has custom foam interiors that securely hold the impact wrench and accessories.

  • Makita impact socket adapters - Allow you to use different drive size sockets with the impact wrench for versatility. Common sizes include 1/2" to 3/8" and 1/2" to 1/4" adapters.

  • Makita impact socket set - Socket sets with common metric and SAE sizes let you tackle a wide range of fastening and removal tasks.

So in summary, the included belt clip provides convenient storage while added batteries, chargers, cases and socket accessories maximize the capabilities of the Makita TW141DZ impact wrench.


The Makita TW141DZ impact wrench has several notable strengths that make it a great choice for automotive and construction applications:

  • Powerful motor: The 12V motor delivers an impressive 140 ft-lbs of max torque, which is more than enough for most tasks like lug nut removal. The impact mechanism also helps produce that power in a compact size.

  • Compact and lightweight design: Weighing only 2.8 lbs with battery, the TW141DZ is designed to be portable and easy to handle in tight spaces. The short 5.7 inch length helps with maneuverability.

  • Makita brand reputation: Makita is known for making professional-grade power tools that stand up to heavy use. This impact wrench lives up to that reputation with its durable construction.

  • Variable speed trigger: Allows you to control the speed and power. Has settings for precision tasks and high torque driving. More control than impact wrenches with just on/off triggers.


The Makita TW141DZ impact wrench has a few drawbacks to consider:

  • Price - While Makita tools are known for their quality, this model sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum for 12V impact wrenches. The tool alone costs around £150, so factoring in batteries and a charger can raise the total investment significantly. For buyers on a tight budget, it may be too pricey.

  • Batteries Not Included - The TW141DZ does not come with any batteries or a charger. You'll need to purchase these separately if you don't already have compatible Makita 12V Max batteries. This adds to the overall cost.

  • Limited Torque for Heavy Duty Use - With a max torque of 140 ft-lbs, the TW141DZ may not have quite enough power for some heavy duty automotive or construction tasks. While suitable for most light and medium duty applications, high torque demands may require stepping up to an 18V or higher voltage model.

  • Noise - This is a fairly loud impact wrench, emitting 81-83 decibels of noise. Extended use without hearing protection can be fatiguing or even damaging. Those who work in noise-sensitive environments may find the sound levels too high.

So while the Makita TW141DZ is a high performance 12V impact wrench, it does come at a premium price point. The need to buy batteries separately also adds cost. And the torque is not quite as robust as some heavier duty 18V+ models. For some users, these factors could be potential drawbacks.


The Makita TW141DZ 12V Max Li-Ion CXT Impact Wrench is a compact and lightweight power tool that packs a punch. With its efficient brushless motor, it delivers up to 250 Nm of torque and 2,100 IPM in a tool weighing just 1.4kg.

The innovative impact mechanism delivers consistent performance while minimizing noise and vibration. The variable speed trigger gives excellent control for a wide range of fastening applications. Despite its small size, the TW141DZ has ample power for automotive work as well as construction and industrial tasks.

Build quality is excellent with an all-metal gear housing and robust inner components. The tool is designed for heavy duty use while remaining comfortable during extended periods of operation.

While batteries must be purchased separately, Makita's 12V Max CXT line offers long runtimes from compact lithium-ion packs. The charger has features for optimal battery life.

In summary, the Makita TW141DZ is an outstanding compact impact wrench. Professional tradesmen and DIYers alike will benefit from its power, performance and versatility. It's highly recommended for anyone who needs serious fastening capability in a small, lightweight package.

More Information

Features of Makita TW141DZ 12V Max Li-Ion CXT Impact Wrench - Batteries and Charger Not Included
Part Number‎TW141DZ
Power Source‎Battery
Product Dimensions‎16.8 x 6.6 x 20.5 cm; 866.36 Grams
Torque‎270 Newton Meters
Voltage‎12 Volts
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium Ion
Battery Description‎Not Included
Included Components‎1 x Makita TW141DZ
Item Weight‎866 g

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Item Weight‎1.5 kg‎1.2 kg-‎3.13 kg‎2.31 kg‎1.39 kg

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